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Reduce Injuries with Asics Season 2014/15 Rugby Boots

June 20, 2014

Asics have long been known for providing comfortable, practical and fashionable trainers packed with high-end technology.

They are the ultimate brand for top quality at reasonable prices. To us rugby fans, who used to look on with envy at runners, it was fantastic to learn that they were looking to break into that market to help provide the highest level of performance.

In the 5 or so years that they have made their ‘Lethal’ range of boots, they have made it their ambition to push the boundaries, developing ultra-comfortable boots that have the added bonus of reducing the risk of injury.

In all of their boots Asics have fitted the HG10mm heel wedge. It's purpose is partly to provide extreme cushioning, giving the feeling of total comfort that is consistently found in their running shoes. Most importantly, however, it will lower the chances of lower limb injury. The 10mm wedge pushes the foot forward into the optimum position for take off. It lifts the heel off the ground, placing the emphasis not on the back of the foot, but on the players’ toes. As a result, the players’ centre of gravity is forced forward, getting you onto the front foot like a sprinter, ahead of your opponent

The purpose of this all is to relieve the Achilles tendons, calf muscles, and by extension the hamstrings and back, from stress and strain that would otherwise occur when playing high intensity sport. Now that is smart technology! It allows you to play more of the sport you love.

While the 10mm wedge is the ‘unique selling point’, Asics do not stop there in aspiring to the greatest heights of elite performance in their boots. They aim to make the best leather and synthetic leather available.

Take their forwards boots as an example. You will struggle to find a more suited boot for the pack. These boots also gives you the power to beat your opponent in the scrums or rucks with the formation of studs used no matter the weather and condition of the pitch - certainly handy in our climate - two at the back, and six at the front.

Asics backs boots follow on the same philosophy, namely comfort, practicality and fashion. Added to that, they provide what all backs crave. Lightweight, giving you the opportunity to change direction quickly and easily, and a tight, yet comfortable fit which enhances your kicking ability. Further, Asics rugby boots will expertly mould to the shape of your foot, which will enhance your kicking ability.

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