NEW TECHNOLOGY: Under Armour ClutchFit Rugby Boots

Under Armour rugby boots are now in stock at First XV, and this year sees the introduction of ClutchFit technology which is designed to provide outstanding comfort, but while also delivering the perfect fit.


Under Armour ClutchFit from


So what is ClutchFit?

Weighing in at around 250 grams, ClutchFit boots wrap your foot in a lightweight “second skin” for incredible feel and powerful support, and while mainly created for footballers, the build and design are ideal for any rugby player who plays in the backs.

The boots feature a trivela microfibre upper that boasts two-way stretch capabilities, which allows the boot to adapt to whatever moves a player makes by stretching to the natural movement of the foot, yet still delivers on the comfort front. Inside the boot, you will find a 4D foam footbed which actually conforms to the shape of the foot providing unrivalled support.

Micro G cushioning also features, offering maximal cushioning and reducing stud pressure. The upper of the boots features a grippy 3D printed layer to improve touch and control when coming in contact with the ball, so ideal for backs who look to use their kicking game.

On the rear of the boot is an external heel support, which locks in the foot at the rear of the boot providing stability but with minimal bulk.

There are different sole units for the Under Armour ClutchFit Boots - soft ground with metal studs which can be removed and changed, ideal for your classic grass rugby pitch, and can handle themselves in wet conditions where the ground under foot is slippery.

Alternatively, firm ground boots are used mainly on synthetic pitches such as 3G, or very dry grass pitches, but are less effective in wet conditions on grass pitches due to their shorter cleats which don’t dig into the ground as far as your soft ground boots do. These cleats are moulded onto the boot and cannot be removed or changed, however the positioning design of the cleats mimics that of your foots bone structure, providing a strong platform for your foot.

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