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We are super passionate about Under Armour here at rugbystuff.com. Our reason – Under Armour put product innovation and quality first. Every single product they make is designed to make you better.

For instance, Under Armour didn’t utilise cotton as a fabric at all, their reasoning being it just wasn’t akin to performance, which is their game.

So what did they do? Under Armour created Charged Cotton - every fifth fibre is a performance one, so their cotton now dries quicker and breathes better than any other cotton tee out there.

That’s why we love Under Armour - a relentless pursuit of innovation - and it is sub-zero cool right now!

So that brings us on to Under Armour Teamwear. We’ve idolised Under Armour sponsored teams for years, first the multitude of American Sports teams, then the Welsh Rugby Union and most recently Scottish tennis superstar Andy Murray, followed by Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton in the English Premier League.

We’ve seen their gear roll in and out of our rugby shop; it is some of the most thoughtfully designed and functional kit out there. What’s also brilliant about buying from the Teamwear range is the Under Armour logo adorns the right chest, leaving the left side of the chest free for your Club Crest – so it sits over your heart, just where it belongs!

Now the time has come for you to deck your team out just like the Pro’s, and we have two ranges for you to choose from…

First up is Stock Teamwear. This range is available to buy online from Rugbystuff.com, and by Stock we mean the gear is held in a warehouse in the UK ready for distribution straight away.

You need your kit for a tournament in 2 weeks? No problem, we can do that for you.

Only need half a dozen t-shirts for your Tough Mudder team? No problem – we can do that too.

You need logos embroidered and printed on? No problem – we’ll nail that down for you as well and it’ll be some of the best quality garment decoration you have ever seen!

Shop from all your Under Armour favourites, breathable Tech Tees, comfy Charged Cotton tees, smarten things up with a Performance Polo or keep your substitutes primed for action with our Subs coat. We’ve got it all to kit your rugby team, hockey team or any sport in between.

Shop online or give us a call today and we’ll make your Under Armour Stock Teamwear order come to fruition in a matter of days!  

Secondly we have Made to Order Teamwear – or MTO as we call it in the trade. This is where things get interesting.

Your hockey team plays in pink shirts with green stripes? Easy!

Part of a basketball squad and want to emulate Brandon Jennings in the coolest Under Armour vest and shorts – we can do that!

So you’re a Football team and you need modern shirt with a traditional look – bring it on!

Member of a rugby side and in need of tight fitting shirts for playing – yup, no problem.

Hang on though – the guys in the clubhouse want a loose fit – we can sort that out as well.

MTO Under Armour Teamwear is completely bespoke – you can select from a multitude of colours, styles or fit, choose everything right down to the style of collar. Obviously this service takes a little more time, all you have to is give us 12 weeks from the point of ordering, With a minimum of 15 per garment, it’s easy to bring your dream Under Armour kit to life.

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to make you sports team stand out from the crowd. You’ll strike the first blow to your opposition as you step off your team bus in matching Under Armour tracksuit pants and hoodies – they’ll know you mean business!

Choose Under Armour and enjoy a hassle free order process as we take care of everything, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the finest quality and sharpest looking team kit you’ve ever had to drop on your door step. Don’t delay - get in touch with us now!

Romsey Rugby

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