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What rugby boots should I get?

October 23, 2014 3 min read

As we all know, rugby is a tough, extremely physically-demanding sport which demands focus, skill, and excellent conditioning in order to compete at the highest levels; But whether you are an international superstar or just someone who likes to play a friendly game of sevens with your mates every once in a while, one thing is certain: Fail to turn up to your next game with the right equipment and you could see your A-Game being taken down a few notches – especially if you end up sustaining an injury which puts you out of action altogether. Does it really matter what kind of rugby boots I wear? Few pieces of equipment can make such a massive impact on your game as your choice of footwear: But whilst a good pair of boots can contribute positively to your game, picking the wrong equipment could prove to be detrimental to your efforts: In short, it really does matter what kind of rugby boots you wear: However, picking the right pair can sometimes prove to be a little confusing, especially given the large selection of brands and designs that we are blessed with today. In order to narrow your search down in the quest for your perfect rugby boots, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions… Will you be playing on soft or hard ground? The first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of surface you will most likely be playing on: This is a major factor in determining which boots will serve you best: Soft ground, such as wet, muddy grass requires the extra traction which comes from screw-in cleats, whilst firmer ground can be taken in your stride with a moulded multi-stud design. What position will you be playing in? Armed with the knowledge about whether or not you’ll be playing on soft or hard ground, the next major factor to consider is the position that you play in: After all, a position which requires blistering pace and accurate dropkicks will require light, flexible footwear, whereas a position which involves a lot of scrum-action and digging in will call for heavier duty, well reinforced boots, with particular emphasis on traction and stability. Find your ideal rugby boots at First XV Rugby Stuff Whatever your rugby boot requirements, our range includes specialised firm and soft ground models, as well as a varied array of versatile hybrid designs. Let’s take a look at three of our most popular boots: clutchfit_hybrid_blue_side2Under Armour ClutchFit Force SG Rugby Boots These beautifully-crafted, super-lightweight boots are simply packed with technology, including: UA’s ClutchFitTM system, a 3D-printed external layer, comfortable 4D Foam® foot-bed and Micro G® cushioning system, which come together to offer superb touch, excellent traction and supreme comfort. Fully optimised for use on natural surfaces, they utilise a hybrid outsole, which combines six screw-in studs with TPU-moulded studs, for maximum stability on soft ground. Asics Lethal Flash DS III IT Firm Ground Rugby Boots For hard ground conditions, this stunning boot from Asics uses an array of small studs for fantastic traction and efficient release. By cleverly adding in a 10mm heel gradient, body mass is encouraged to move forward, helping to relieve strain on lower limbs. With its removable sock-liner, it is possible to add in medical orthotics, whilst its efficient combination of materials makes it lightweight, comfortable and durable. adidas-adipower-kakari-sg-blackrunning-whiteinfraredAdidas Adipower Kakari SG Rugby Boots   If you are in a position which calls for power over speed – and durable protection over light weight construction, these incredible boots, optimised for use on natural surfaces, will perfectly fit the bill. With eight screw-in metal studs in a 6 x 2 formation, these are perfect for forwards who need maximum support and stability.   Still struggling to decide? Head over to and  check out the full range, with more boots from Adidas, Asics and Under Armour, as well as Canterbury, Mizuno and Gilbert.

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