Our guide to Under Armour’s Winter Technologies

There is plenty of innovation in Under Armour’s latest winter collection, from their cornerstone, ColdGear, to Storm and Infrared, there’s quite a lot to take in. With our guide you'll be joining us in the Under Armour Geek Hall of Fame before you know it!  It all began in 1996 when Under Armour founder Kevin Plank set out with a vision. He was sick of wearing cotton t-shirts underneath his American Football padding which, by the end pss_heatgear_wristbandof the game, would be soaked in sweat, making them uncomfortable and heavy. He set out to create a better t-shirt, one made of wicking microfibre in a compression fit that would far outperform cotton – HeatGear (to keep you cool in warm conditions) was born, Under Armour’s first innovation, and with that, the brand was launched. Fast forward to 1997and Kevin Plank was coming out with his next innovation – ColdGear, designed to keep athletes Warm, Dry and Light, no matter the temperature. It has been the cornerstone of Under Armour’s winter collections ever since – in a similar mould to the HeatGear baselayer tee’s but with the priority now being on warmth whilst maintaining it’s ability to moving sweat away from the body. pss_mens_beanies Probably Under Armour’s most synonymous product, certainly in the UK, is the ColdGear Mock, still available to this day and sporting the same features that made it a success in 1997 –
  • Compression – the squeeze that makes you stronger
  • Dual-layer EVO ColdGear fabric with a warm, brushed interior & a slick, fast-drying exterior.
  • 4-way stretch fabrication allows greater mobility in any direction.
  • Anti-odour technology prevents the growth of odour-causing microbes.
V5-1249978-600_LDF So next time the temperatures are dipping below 13 degrees and you’re training outdoors, look no further than an Under Armour ColdGear baselayer. And if you’re not training? Under Armour’s range of ColdGear now spans everything from compression shorts leggings to polo shirts and jackets so there is no need to feel the chill!   RS_storm_banner 2011 saw Under Armour Storm released to mass admiration. Everyone loves Cotton; it’s soft and comfortable for day to day wear, but get caught out in a heavy shower and you’ll be soaked through and weighed down. What Under Armour did took it to the next level of performance. Not only did they “Charge” it to make it moisture wicking, but they added the “Storm” coating. Invisible to the naked eye and having no effect on the feel of the fabric, this incredible finish delivers the impossible – making cotton water resistant – water literally rolls right off. Check out the video below to see it in action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JgsJxZB6fM   ColdGear Infrared Not content with just keeping dry Under Armour’s next innovation gets really techy! url-2 ColdGear® Infrared technology uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb & retain your own body heat. Its made from a ceramic powder which when applied to the fabric adds almost no weight but helps to retain your own body heat for longer. No extra weight, no bulk, more warmth! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clK7Vsd0B8U

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