Six reasons we love the RBS Six Nations

It’s just over a fortnight away from the big kick off, so we decided to take a look at 6 reasons we love the RBS Six Nations 1. The away trips. From sinking pints of Guinness at the Temple Bar in Dublin, to parading around Rome wrapped in a Saltire and wearing a kilt, the ease of travel between the 6 nations involved helps make the journeys a great weekend away. _47294460_rugby4pa 2. A chance to settle old scores with local rivals. Be it Edinburgh or London, Cardiff or Dublin, Paris or Rome, you can be sure of one thing - both sides will be going at it with all guns blazing for the full 80 minutes. 303349_ireland_v_wales 3. Grand Slams. Everyone thinks their side will win it this year, but will anyone? The SRU predicted Scotland will win one by 2016 so time is ticking, although the bookies aren’t convinced. Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 13.04.42 4. Trying to guess which French side will show up. It’s the standard pub chat - “France could win it this year. Well, if they turn up on the day…” Will they lose to Italy or are they genuine Grand Slam contenders? frederic-michalak-italy-beat-France-Rugby_Wrap_Up 5. This year it gives us an idea of what sides are shaping up nicely for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and who needs to do some serious work. England are certainly hopeful of repeating their 2003 triumph, this time on home soil, but does anyone really stand a chance of beating the All Blacks? pg-70-rwc-2-getty 6. It’s all on terrestrial TV! And that includes Super Saturday, the highlight of the annual international rugby calendar. Although that does mean we have to put with a smiley Jiffy and listen to John Inverdale… _66442782_rugbypundits_grab What else makes you love the Northern Hemisphere's flagship tournament? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter at the lines below.

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