We rank the RWC 2015 Tops so far!

The World Cup in England is coming up thick-and-fast, and the same can be said for the kits. Although some suppliers have kept their cards close to their chest, most have at least given a sneak preview of the jerseys, while others have released their full range. We decided to rate our favourite kits so far.  United States of America We begin with our transatlantic cousins, who have really pushed the boat out this year. A little less subtle, and a little more what we would expect from the Americans. In 2011, the Eagles were with Canterbury, with a classic, navy jersey. A very classic kit, for a team full of up and comers. This year, with BLK at the helm, the USA have replicated their flag, with a smooth red and white trim enclosing the fading stars. We are big fans of this one and we expect a lot from a country whose rugby growth is rising rapidly.  This one is hotly anticipated in store and we are expecting stock any day now.  8.5/10 Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 16.51.13 All Blacks It always seems strange getting excited for the release of a new All Blacks kit, because it is exactly what it says on the tin. Adidas remain the suppliers for the new kit, and having brought out ‘the blackest kit ever’, in October, not much has changed. The dark grey fern and Adidas logo remain, with the only real colour shining from the sleeve, with the gold Webb Ellis trophy sitting upon the 1987 and 2011 dates, of course, signifying the two times that the All Blacks have been crowned World Champions. There is a swift chevron pattern falling into the chest of the jersey, but aside from that, it is your usual, timeless New Zealand jersey. 9/10 all_blacks_rwc England  A lot like the All Blacks, the England shirts of recent haven’t had much detail, sticking to the classic white shirt and shorts, accompanied with navy and white socks. Also, much like New Zealand, the English have decided to pattern their chest with the chevron design, which is also very subtle. Perhaps it is a V for Victory? What ever its purpose, it is yet another likeable kit from ever dependable Canterbury.  8/10 england_rwc Plus an extra 1 bonus point for the most elaborate unveiling - check this video from Canterbury out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbWu85fTJ9M Scotland We would be lying if we said we were massive fans of the kit when pictures were released. However, the shirt is growing on us.  Our fans responded in droves on our social media channels, expressing their love for  the tartan. The 25th anniversary of the SRU tartan gives a bit more meaning than when first seen flushing down the sides of the kit, originally it just seemed a bit too patriotic, and we never thought we would say that again following the saltire daft away kit of 2012. However, we are now embracing the tartan. Why shouldn’t we celebrate our roots? Chapeau, Scotland! #TartanTakeover.  7/10 WHEN-SCOTLAND-CALLS The Wallabies There have been many Australian kits to savour since the Millenium, and who could forget the jersey in which they reached a World Cup final in their own back yard! The new strip strays from spectacular, and a little more on the bland side. We like the stars on the arm, but we were expecting a lot more from the Wallabies and Asics! 5/10 wallabies-new-jersey2015-lrg The Springboks Again for Asics I'm afraid the report card states "could do better!"  The green and gold of South Africa is a true classic but somehow this jersey just lacks a little something, perhaps the Japanese designers need a little more Biltong in their diet to channel their inner Bok!  Or perhaps they are keeping the stops in for when Japan (where Asics are from) host the 2019 Rugby World Cup.  On the other hand this years rugby boot range from Asics scores an easy 10/10, as modelled here by the "Beast".  The Shirt however we'll give a modest 6/10. asics-beast-lrg There is still plenty more in the tank from the 20 competing nations of Rugby World Cup 2015, watch out for Samoa and Fiji appearing on rugbystuff.com next week plus word has arisen from the valleys of Wales that we'll see Under Armour's offering on the 8th August. Watch this space.

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