Canterbury Rugby Teamwear 2016

As we launch full bore into 2016, thoughts for many teams in the Northern Hemisphere will already be to the future. Directors of Rugby across all clubs will be starting to shift one eye towards season 2016-17. Whether it be tweaking their coaching and management teams, player recruitment or securing the club’s kit deal. There is no better time than February to get your team wear affairs in order for next season, but getting the right kit together for your club can be an arduous task and that’s where we come in. Thankfully Canterbury, world-renowned rugby brand and British & Irish Lions latest kit sponsor, are on the ball and ready to hit the ground running in 2016. Canterbury have recently over-hauled their Stock Teamwear section with a striking new range. By ‘stock’, we mean items that the manufacturer holds in stock allowing for shorter delivery times than bespoke items, bringing the fit and design of the entire range up to date. We’ve spilt the CCC collection into three categories on our website to make your life a little easier, and because the range is so vast! On-Field Rugby Kit ccc_stock_teamwear_onfield Rugby Shirts, rugby shorts and socks - the staple of all rugby teams, whether it be mini rugby or premiership rugby this is the nuts and bolts of your team kit and will be most supporters first impression of the side on match day. Team Range ccc_stock_teamwear_team Everything your team could possible need for their off-field or warm up needs. From coaches jackets, tracksuits bottoms and polo shirts to t-shirts, warm-up tops and beanie hats. This range is vast and available in a wide range of different colour permutations to suit your club colours. Pro Range ccc_stock_teamwear_pro For the aspirational club who likes to emulate what the big boys are doing, this range is where you’ll find Canterbury’s leading technologies, straight from the likes of England and Ireland Rugby. Fabric innovations like Vaposhield and Vapodri will help keep you warmer and dryer for longer. Made to Order Range Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 13.34.36 This is where you can make any piece of kit as unique to your club as you desire, if shirt needs to be purple and pink then it can be done. If your tracksuit has to be green, then it can be done. We find a sprinkling of 2 or 3 bespoke products can lift your club’s teamwear range to the next level and make it truly unique and identifiable to your team. So take the plunge and get in touch with us today. We will take your initial ideas and turn them into a visual presentation where you can see your ideas come to life. We’ll produce your no-obligation quotation and take care of all the personalisation of your garments including names, numbers, and sponsors logos. Lastly we’ll provide you with a sizing sample set, this way your players can try the kit on for size to make sure on kit delivery day, everyone is happy. Call us today on 0131 337 4753 or email to speak with an experienced team kit advisor.

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