The First XV of cars

It's something we all wonder from time to time, would a Routemaster bus be better at second row than the Batmobile? Is a Toyota Hilux (indestructible according to Top Gear) suited more to hooker or number 8? Well this morning we sat down and put together a definitive list of what vehicle would play in each position on the rugby field! RUGBYCARS It's self explanatory really, but let's just go over some of the key points. Front row - the strong men. What better combinations than Humvee, Toyota Hilux and Monster Truck?! Second row - it's all about the height. There aren't many bigger vehicles on the road then a Routemaster Bus and a Liebherr crane. Back row - a London Taxi is perfectly suited for fetching, ably backed up by the fast, agile, rugged four wheel drive Subaru Impreza WRX, with the classic Land Rover Defender providing bags of torque at the back of the scrum. Scrum-half - traditionally the smallest man on the park, a classic Mini just seems to fit. Stand-off - classy and quick, the pick of the bunch, just like the Jaguar E Type. Centres - the big hitting destructive power of Batman's Tumbler is partnered with a solid, reliable German saloon. Outside backs - fast, flashy and a little vain, just like the Audi TT, Formula 1 car and one of the quickest production cars around, Bugatti Veyron.

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