First XV Supports The Clan

This week we have been made aware of The Clan, an organisation formed by Trust Rugby International (TRI), and was set up to bring young people together regardless of their background, nationality, experience or gender. The Clan has grown in size since its initial start up in Ayrshire, and there is now an Edinburgh Clan, a Shropshire Clan and El Clan out in Cullera, Spain. 12788076_1030829173643625_1154790073_n TRI not only helps people with varying levels of disabilities it also helps able bodied people to develop their skills in all areas. Not only is the inclusion on the pitch vital in the development of these young adults, but also the inclusion off the pitch in the social aspect of rugby is also invaluable to these lads. The Clan are looking to raise funds to be able to go out and visit their Spanish family in June this year, and we want to give them as much help as we can. If you would like to help out too, please donate to their Just Giving page. 12084199_1030829313643611_371718606_n

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