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A Little Something for the Pro 12 Fans…

May 27, 2016 3 min read

A Little Something for the Pro 12 Fans…

Calling all Connacht and Leinster fans visiting Edinburgh for the Guinness Pro 12 Final, and anyone who has found their way over to Edinburgh and have their thumbs twiddling while they wait for the main event at Murrayfield.   Yes it's gonna get boozy but why not go home with a little culture under the belt as well. Here are 5 things to do in our nations capital!


1. The Edinburgh Castle – Saturday Morning – Pre-Pints!

The most cliché, and by far the easiest to find, given it overlooks the city centre. The castle sits on an inactive volcano, which is thought to be around 350 million years old, and is full of rich history. It is one of the most attacked castles in the world, yet still sits pretty on the Edinburgh skyline. Inside the castle, there are cafes, shops and many historical displays.   Probably worth staying off the pints for this one  so your brain can absorb all the information.  Oh, and don’t worry if you hear a bang in the afternoon, that’s just the one o’clock gun going off, letting you know the time.



2. The Boozy Cow – time for lunch and that first drink.

Chances are you are feeling quite parched after the breath-taking tour of Edinburgh Castle. Time to whet the whistle and begin the match day festivities!  From milkshakes to cocktails, you can’t go wrong at the Boozy Cow. Great atmosphere and if you need to fill your belly, they do some great food too. We recommend the Oreo Cookie shake!





3. First XV – time to start your journey to Murrayfield and take in our store.

We are just a 15-minute walk from BT Murrayfield and on the main drag down from the city centre, you can’t miss us, come in and browse our many replica shirts, match balls and protection. We also have Leinster and Connacht items in store, so if you have left anything back in Ireland, or you just want to blend in, make sure you swing by!


4.  Grams Cafe – the last stop before Murrayfield.

Our new neighbours down here on Haymarket Terrace.  Your liver will no doubt be taking a pounding with a few ‘road beers’ on your travels, pop in to Grams Cafe and give your stomach that lining it needs.  Their Raw Snickers bar will give you that energy boost to see you through to full time.  Gluten free, refined sugar free, raw and clean.  This is all healthy stuff that your body will thank you for come Sunday morning.


Guinness Pro 12 Final - Murrayfield - 5.30pm
Connacht v Leinster

5. Edinburgh Zoo - Sunday morning recovery time.

If you’ve had a few drinks on the Saturday possibly celebrating your team’s success, or even drowning a few sorrows, the Zoo is the perfect place to make you feel a little bit more human.  It’s the ideal destination to kill some time while waiting for an evening flight, it’s even half way to the airport.   Walk off that hangover by climbing your way up Corstorphine Hill and pondering which animals would slot in to what position on the rugby field.  You can watch the penguins march, or even visit Yang Guang and Tian Tian, Edinburgh’s very own Giant Pandas.

We hope everyone has a great weekend, and if they don’t get the result they wanted, perhaps they’ll get a trip with a few memories to take home.  Good luck to both teams, fingers crossed for a spectacle of rugby.

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