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Back when rugby first turned professional, players would either wear a football boot, or one of the very few rugby specific boots, which tended to be one-style-fits-all. But now almost every player on the field gets their own style. Asics have been producing boots specifically for rugby for a few years now, with the range proving to be a hit with the professionals and club players alike, so here at Rugbystuff.com, we thought we would take an in-depth look at the 2016-17 collection of Asics rugby boots

FORWARDS – Power, Stability & Protection

Life upfront is all about attacking, be it crashing through the line, pilfering the ball back from the other side, or winning a scrum against the head. And for that you need to have power, which is where the Lethal Scrum and Lethal Tackle come into play. A scrum can often weigh in excess of 1500 kg, and the force when both sides engage is the similar to the impact of a car crash at 30mph, or a bite from an adult crocodile.

So boots developed for props, hookers, locks and the back row should have:

  • Good grip – full aluminium studs give traction in soft ground, ensuring a stable footing. All Asics forwards boots feature a 6x2 outsole with removable studs to allow players to customise stud configuration and replace worn elements.
  • A secure, fitted heel - this prevents your foot from moving as you push forward, giving you a more stable platform – vital in the heat of a scrum. ASICS have put a 10mm heel in all their rugby shoes, which cuts down the strain on your lower leg with less pressure placed on your Achilles tendon.
  • Durability – they need to be built to last with the afore-mentioned pressure being applied.

BACKS – Precision, Speed & Agility

Backs score most of the points in a game, generally from the boot of a kicker, or a fellow back making a darting run to cross the whitewash. Kickers want their boots to be similar to a football boot – a large sweet spot allowing for a true connection with the rugby ball.

Therefore, the Gel Lethal Speed, Lethal ST and Lethal RS - rugby boots designed specifically for backs - have:

  • Lightweight materials – 10g might not seem much in the grand scheme of things, but every little counts when you’re trying to outrun the opposition.
  • Grip - the studs on soft ground boots are in a 4x2 layout, positioned perfectly to help you change direction much easier.
  • Cushioning – backs can run up to 9km over the 80 minutes, and extra cushioning in the heel of Asics boots will further soften your landings on the pitch.

Below, you will find our new vlog on Asics rugby boots, and how to correctly fit rugby bots, and ensure you have the correct size. 

If you're in the market for a new pair of boots, then Asics should be at the top of your list.Check out the full range now at rugbystuff.com

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