Quick Tour of the Canterbury British & Irish 2017 Training & Leisure Wear Collection

The British & Irish 2017 Training & Leisure Wear Collection landed in store from Canterbury on the 11th October 2016.  Now the dust has settled we took a quick look around the range in store.

When Canterbury were announced as rugby kit manufactures for the 2017 Lions the rugby public was fairly shocked, Adidas have sponsored the Lions since 1997 and the two parties, The Lions and Adidas just seemed to be one of those pairings that were destined to be together forever.  

However we were in no doubt that Canterbury would deliver an excellent collection of products as well as having the desired quality. 

Of recent years the Canterbury design team have been spot on, really understanding the needs of the rugby fans and players.  In this Lions range there is superb attention detail across all of the products of which many are discussed in our video.


The 2017 Lions collections to date include for Men: Hoodies, Jackets, Polo-Shirts, T-Shirts, Thermal Layers, Track-pants, Shorts, Hats, Scarfs and Bags.  

Lions Womens range: Polo-Shirt and T-Shirt.

Lions Kids range: Hoodie, Jacket and T-Shirt.

Standby for the release of the British & Irish Lions Replica rugby shirts and kit in the near future - you can pre-order yours here.

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