Rugby Sevens at the 2016 Olympics

Not present in the Olympic Games in more than 90 years, Rugby Sevens will make its Olympics Games debut at Rio 2016. The 15s version was played in Paris 1900, London 1908, Antwerp 1920 and again at Paris 1924. The reigning champions are the USA , although admittedly, there were only three sides competing!

Rugby is still a sport little-known in Brazil, but national rugby 7sathletes will be well recognised in Rio 2016. In 2004, they won the first South-American Championship of the category. Ever since, and until 2014, the team has won all the event’s editions, with no loss or draw. And what better event to draw attention to the sport we love than the greatest show on earth!?

The sevens will be played at the Deodoro Stadium - a temporary outdoor stadium with a capacity of over 15,000,  and which will also host the modern pentathlon -  with both men’s and women’s tournaments comprised of 12 teams each. As with all sevens tournaments, the teams will play against each other in matches of two halves of seven minutes each.

The women's event will start on the 6th August, ending on 8th August with the men's competition running from the following day until the 11th.

The BBC have put together a handy schedule of when the sevens games are on, and thankfully all the matches will be at reasonable times for UK!

There are only 5 days to go and we can't wait! And it's not too late to show your support for Team GB in Rio, with a range of Adidas Team GB Seven's jerseys, as well as Gilbert Rugby Balls all available at!

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