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Buy rugby boots from the top rugby brands at rugbystuff.com.

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The Adidas Range

Kakari – Starting up front with the big men in the front five is the Kakari range of rugby boots.  These are designed to be robust, supportive and offer the maximum amount of traction. The Kakari’s are built to deal with the huge amount of force generated through the set piece – scrum, line-out and mauls.  These boots all have 8 screw-in studs to offer the maximum amount of grip on soft natural services.  Sometimes these boots will offer a slightly higher ankle as well to offer the foot even more stability.  When it's time to scrum, props and second rows choose the Kakari.

Kakari Light – The demands on the back row of the forward pack are entirely different.  These players need to be able to cover huge areas of ground quickly but still need to be able dig in at scrums and rucks.  Enter the Kakari Light, all the supportive features a forward could hope for in a lighter package.  The studs are reduced from 8 to 6 to keep the weight down while still offering great traction on the turf.

Predator Malice – The world-famous Predator even has its own rugby incarnation, differentiated from the Predator football boot by catering to a rugby player’s needs for more stability.  Aimed at the half-backs, numbers 9 and 10.  The Predator's primary feature is to aid players in their kicking game.  Various features around the toe area of the boot are designed to increase the connection and feel when kicking the rugby ball.  These will all result in increased accuracy and distance to the accomplished kicker.  An extremely comfortable boot which you will also see popping up throughout the backs and even on back rows!!

Buy rugby boots from the top rugby brands at rugbystuff.com.