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Rugby Studs, Tape, Laces, Whistles & Bottles

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Buy all your rugby accessories here including aluminium and Adidas Rugby studs. Medical Tape, Strapping, Whistles, Bottles, Line-out grips and more.

We stock a variety of different aluminium and rubber rugby studs. Generic aluminium studs are supplied in three lengths, 15mm, 18mm and 21mm. These different studs lengths help tailor your boot to different ground conditions. Be it hard ground where a shorter stud is useful or a 21mm stud for extremely wet and muddy conditions. We sell our rugby studs in any quantity, individually, by any multiple or in bags of 100.

As well as generic rugby studs we also stock the Adidas Malice stud packs, these come in two different lengths again depending on ground conditions and what Adidas Rugby Boot you have.

Taping is a vital piece of kit for any rugby player, and seasoned rugby players will know you are never 100% fit. There will always be some body part needing to be kept together with a bit of tape. We stock Zinc Tape in two widths, this is stiffer tape suited to most types of injury taping for knees, ankles, shoulders and wrists. Elastic adhesive bandage (EAB) - this is suited to overwrapping the zinc tape which provides some elasticity and helps keep the tape in place. This is also the type of tape used by line-out jumpers and second rows to hold down line-out lifting blocks. To top it all off a roll of sock tape (electrical tape) will help keep all the tape down, or of course, keep your socks up, your laces neat or a failing pair of rugby boots together. Also, you'll find Kinesiology Tape (K-Tape) which has many uses for injury prevention and treatment.

Also in this department, you'll find water bottles, pumps, inflation needles, stud spanners for removing and replacing studs and finally replacement laces for your rugby boots.

Buy rugby studs and accessories from rugbystuff.com and claim free UK delivery when you spend £50.