Moulded Boots - A Summer Staple for Rugby Players

While the image of summer might conjure up visions of sandals and flip-flops, for rugby players, the warmer months often mean lacing up their boots and hitting the pitch.

And when it comes to summer footwear, whether it's for Sevens, Touch or just the start of pre-season, moulded rugby boots are a popular choice for several reasons:

Grip on Dry Pitches:

  • Summer often brings drier weather, and moulded boots (also known as "Firm Ground" or "FG" boots) are specifically designed for firmer surfaces.
  • Their shorter, moulded studs provide adequate traction on dry grass pitches without digging too deep, unlike the longer metal studs of "Soft Ground" (SG) boots, which can be unnecessary and even dangerous on harder ground.

Enhanced Agility and Speed:

  • Moulded boots are generally lighter than SG boots due to the absence of heavy metal studs. This reduced weight translates to improved agility and quicker changes of direction, crucial aspects of the summer game, where the pace tends to pick up.

Reduced Impact and Comfort:

  • The shorter, rubber studs of moulded boots offer better shock absorption compared to metal studs. This can help reduce stress on the joints and minimise fatigue, especially during extended training sessions or games under the summer sun.
  • Additionally, the moulded design often conforms better to the foot, providing a more comfortable fit for extended wear.

Versatility for Various Surfaces:

  • While not ideal for extremely wet or muddy conditions, moulded boots can offer decent performance on various surfaces, including artificial grass pitches, which are becoming increasingly common. This versatility makes them a practical choice for players who might encounter different pitch conditions throughout the summer season.

It's important to note that positional factors can also influence boot choice. Backs and loose forwards, who typically prioritise speed and agility, are more likely to opt for moulded boots throughout the year. Forwards, who engage in more static situations like scrums and tackles, might prefer SG boots even in summer if the ground is soft enough.

Ultimately, the best boot selection depends on individual preferences and the specific playing conditions. However, moulded boots offer a compelling combination of grip, comfort, and performance, making them a popular choice for many rugby players during the summer months.

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