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    Men's Rugby Boots | Women's Rugby Boots

    Our collection of rugby boots for adults includes boots sizes from a UK 4 - 15 to fit men and women.

    From Adidas, we have the Kakari, Predator and Malice ranges. The Kakari is best suited to players in the forwards, especially the front five - front rows and second rows. They are wider fitting for the generally larger and more powerful players. Also features 8 studs on each boot for the maximum traction possible!

    The Predator and Malice ranges are more suited to the backs. So scrum-halves, stand-offs, centres, wingers and full-backs. These boots are lighter and narrower fitting. More suited to players where speed is the name of the game. If kicking is the order of the day then undoubtedly the Predator is the boot to go for, it features external rubber inserts which increase traction on the ball. Resulting in better, longer, more accurate kicks - your teammates will thank you!

    Canterbury rugby boots have a reputation for solid no-frills rugby boots. The Stampede is undoubtedly the widest rugby boot on the market. Perfect for substantial-sized props and second rows. 8 studs feature for dominating the scrum.

    The Phoenix range is lighter and narrower than its Stampede big brother. This makes it suited to any players within the back row - open sides, blindsides, and number eights. However, if a back is after some serious traction then the Phoenix would also be more than up to the challenge.

    Finally, Canterbury Speed boots do as they say on the tin. Ready for the Speed merchants of the team to tear up the touchline. We're talking wingers and fullbacks and maybe the odd centre with gas to burn. These boots are seriously light!

    Mizuno rugby boots have been ever-present at since we were founded in the year 2000. They are renowned for reliability! Solid construction and premium materials should see your boots be loyal servants! If well looked after they should certainly see you well beyond one season.

    The Monarcida would be regarded as the workhorse of the range. Light but with 8 studs they are suited to most positions and represent great value.

    The Waitangi builds on this by being made of lighter-weight materials making the boots just that bit more suited to fast players and open-field running.

    The Morelia is borrowed from Mizuno's football boots collection - football boots can transfer to rugby very well. Given Mizuno boot's reputation for reliability coupled with the lightweight characteristics of a football boot and you are on to a bit of a winner. Often featuring a Firm Ground sole - lightweight moulded studs - these boots will suit firm pitches and the growing number of 3G artificial turf pitches.

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