Men's Rugby Shirts


    Men's Rugby Shirts

    Back your team on and off the pitch with our extensive range of rugby shirts at 

    Rugby shirts are an essential part of any rugby player's kit, and they are an important aspect of the sport's culture. These shirts are not just about style, but they also play a significant role in the game's functionality and safety.

    Rugby shirts are typically made from durable, breathable fabrics, such as polyester or cotton blends, to withstand the rough and tumble nature of the sport.  Rugby shirts have come on a long way in recent times.  The days of heavy cotton jerseys on the rugby field are long gone. Although strong, these shirts were cumbersome, heavy and hot to play in.  Plus, the loose fit made it very easy for defenders to snatch a piece of fabric and haul you to the ground. 

    These days, you will find most rugby shirts made from polyester and even adding Lycra to the mix for maximum comfort and a close fit.  Polyester has the advantage of wicking sweat and even remains light in wet conditions.   

    Thankfully though for most supporters replica rugby shirts are available in different styles to suit, cotton for a more casual look, replica to look like the players and body fit for those that are chiselled like a professional player!!

    One of the most notable features of rugby shirts is the number on the back. This number identifies the player and their position on the field. Each position has a designated number, and these numbers are consistent across teams and countries.

    In season 2022/2023 World Rugby has been experimenting with the players names on the back of their shirts, like football has been doing for years.  This experiment is to help fans identify the players and to promote them to a wider audience.

    At we have rugby shirt printing available, meaning you can get the name or number of your favourite rugby player personalised on the back of your rugby shirt, this popular service starts at only £3.

    In recent years, rugby shirts have also become a popular fashion statement, with fans and non-players alike donning them as casual wear. Many clothing brands have embraced the style of rugby shirts and offer them in a variety of colours and designs.

    When it comes to purchasing rugby shirts, there are many options available. Fans can purchase replica shirts of their favourite teams, while players can choose from a range of high-performance shirts designed specifically for the sport.

    Rugby shirts are an important part of the sport's identity and history. Whether you are a player or a fan, wearing a rugby shirt is a way to show your support for rugby.