Rugby Kicking Tees


    Rugby Kicking Tees

    Looking for a reliable and high-quality rugby kicking tee? Look no further than our selection of top-notch kicking tees, designed specifically for rugby players of all levels.

    Our most popular tee of all time is the Dan Carter Supertee, but we also stock a full range of kicking tees from leading brands such as Gilbert and Rhino. Gone are the days of makeshift tees made from sand buckets - modern rugby kicking tees are designed to suit different kicking techniques and are made from durable materials like moulded plastic or rubber.

    When it comes to choosing the best kicking tee for you, there are a few factors to consider. Your level of experience and the type of kick you're aiming for will play a big role. Younger or less experienced players may prefer a higher tee, which makes the ball easier to strike and gain height from the kick. More experienced players may opt for a lower tee, which offers a greater range in terms of distance. Alternatively, a telescopic tee with adjustable height can offer the best of both worlds. Ultimately, finding the right kicking tee may take some practice and experimentation, but with our range of options, you're sure to find one that works for you.

    Our Kicking Tee Brands. 

    Dan Carter Supertees - Dan Carter is a legend of the sport of rugby, rising to fame as one of the greatest of all time in his position of stand-off. So when he has put his name to a kicking tee you can be assured that this is a quality product. He finished his career with a record total of 1,598 test points (29 tries, 293 conversions, 281 penalties, and 8 drop goals) in 112 tests, with an average of 14.27 points a game.

    Carter's kicking success percentage for club and country is an outstanding 78.6%, making him one of the best of all time at kicking conversions and penalties. 

    Our Supertee collection features the newly released Throne alongside, The Supertee, Supertee Xtra, The Extreme, The Volcano, The Prince, The King and finally the Crown.

    Designed by the rugby league legend and superboot - Daryl Halligan. Supertees tees are manufactured from soft rubber and allow for multiple ball positions due to their varying design elements.

    Supertee - the professional's choice.


    Gilbert rugby kicking tees have been around for a long time and sport some classic designs in the 320 and 450. Solid rubber with four prongs to support the ball is simple and effective.  

    Gilbert also offers two adjustable tees; the ABT and the telescopic. The tees allow for varying heights so you can choose your height for the kick required.


    Rhino rugby kicking tees are another new addition at and feature the basic Club Tee, The Crown for when height is required and two adjustable tees for those occasions where you want the tee to cover you for high kicks and longer distance kicks. For these, we have telescopic and adjustable screw-in options.

    Shop now for rugby kicking tees and start perfecting your kicks!