Fiji Rugby Shirts + Kit

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      Own Your Piece of Fijian Rugby History with Official Shirts and Kit

      Experience the passion of Fijian rugby with officially licensed rugby shirts and kit from Nike. In Fiji, rugby union is more than just a sport, it's a national identity.

      Renowned for their size, strength, and skill, Fijian players have captivated audiences worldwide. Their dedication is reflected in the sheer number of professional Fijian players competing globally, and the thriving domestic scene with over 80,000 registered players.

      Own a piece of this rich heritage with authentic Fiji rugby shirts and kit. Traditionally, the home kit features a white jersey, paired with black shorts and iconic hooped socks.

      Since 2021, Nike has proudly been the official kit supplier for the Fijian national team. Previously, renowned brands like Canterbury, Cotton Traders, Kooga/BLK, and ISC have also contributed to the team's legacy.

      While the Rugby World Cup dream is yet to be realised, reaching the quarter-finals in both 1987 and 2007 showcases the team's unwavering spirit. Witness the electrifying pre-match Cibi war dance, a powerful display of Fijian culture and unity, further amplifying the team's passion and determination.

      Don the iconic white jersey and support the Flying Fijians! Explore our collection and find the perfect piece to represent your love for Fijian rugby.