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    Rugby Mouthguards | Gumshields

    Look after your teeth and buy rugby mouthguards and gumshields from

    Mouthguards are your most essential piece of kit on the rugby pitch. You only have one set of teeth and they are irreplaceable. The key is to start using a mouthguard at a young age, get used to wearing one and you'll never feel right on the rugby pitch without one. Once you are an adult you only get one set of teeth, lose one on the rugby pitch and you could be facing expensive dental care.

    Invest in a quality rugby mouthguard from one of our reputable brands; Opro or SISU. With differing levels of protection and fit offered depending on your budget as well as different levels of dental insurance in case the worst does happen it's well worth investing as much as you can. However, our mouthguard range starts at only £6, so there is really no excuse not to wear one.

    In terms of sizes, most rugby mouthguards come in only two sizes, Junior for kids and Senior for Adults. The split between them is usually around 12 years old, however, this varies from brand to brand so keep an eye on the product's size guide.

    All our mouthguards are what is described as boil and bite. Each mouthguard will come with its own instructions to fit however, all follow the same principle. Place the mouthguard in hot water for the prescribed amount of time, remove it from the water and shake off any excess. Now the tricky bit, you need to bite down on the mouthguard with a reasonable amount of force, at the same time as pressing the mouthguard into your gums with your fingers, don't forget to suck whilst performing all these actions. It's a little bit of a tricky juggle, however, you can usually try two or three times gaining a better fit each time. Lastly, pop the mouthguard in cold water to set the mould of your teeth.

    All that's left is to make sure your rugby mouthguard is in your mouth at the critical moment on the pitch! They are very easy to lose, be left in a pocket, or get stuck through a washing machine and tumble dryer cycle. So remember to look after that mouthguard and it will look after you.

    Stop taking chances with your teeth and buy a rugby mouthguard from today.