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      Safeguard your teeth on the pitch with our top-quality rugby mouthguards and gumshields. Rugby is a high-contact sport, and a mouthguard is essential equipment for players of all ages (junior and adult). A good mouthguard protects against chipped, cracked, or knocked-out teeth, saving you from potential dental emergencies and expensive dental bills. Not only that they can help prevent concussion.

      We offer a wide selection of gum shields for rugby from leading brands like OproSISU, and Safejawz ensuring you find the perfect fit and protection level for your needs. Our mouthguards come in various price points to suit your budget, and some even offer compatibility with dental insurance plans.

      Finding the right size is easy! Most mouthguards come in junior and senior sizes (typically for ages 12 and up), and we provide detailed size guides on each product page.

      All our mouthguards are boil & bite for a comfortable, custom fit. We include clear instructions, but the process is generally:

      1. Boil the mouthguard for the recommended time.
      2. Bite firmly and mould the guard to your teeth and gums using your fingers and suction.
      3. Cool the mouthguard in cold water to set the mould.

      Don't risk a trip to the dentist! Invest in a quality rugby mouthguard today and keep your smile safe. They're affordable, easy to use, and can save you money in the long run.