Adidas Rugby Boots


    Adidas Rugby Boots

    Adidas has firmly established itself as the leading provider of rugby boots globally. As seen in professional rugby matches, Adidas rugby boots are ubiquitous and can be found in all positions on the field. From top teams like the All Blacks to individual players such as Antoine Dupont and Finn Russell, Adidas boots are dominating the rugby industry.

    Rugby Boots Adidas

    Adidas Kakari rugby boots, specifically designed for front-five players, offer robust support and maximum traction. With 8 screw-in studs, these boots provide ample grip on soft surfaces, and some models feature a higher ankle for added stability. When it comes to the scrum, line-out, and maul, front-row and second-row players turn to the Kakari.

    New from Adidas is the RS-15 range of rugby boots - designed for those rugby players looking to go faster on the field, regardless of position. From flanker to fullback, it's the most versatile collection of Adidas rugby boots ever.

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