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Six Nations 2024 Preview: Key Storylines and Predictions
Six Nations time is upon us again! The air crackles with anticipation, jerseys are dusted off, and anthems rehearsed.
Andy Farrell Takes the Helm: Leading the Lions Down Under in 2025

The prestigious British & Irish Lions have announced their head coach for the highly anticipated 2025 tour to Australia: the experienced and respected Andy Farrell. 

Buckle Up for Six Nations: Full Contact
Netflix's brand new rugby documentary series, Six Nations: Full Contact, is coming on January 24, 2024!
Baa-baa-lieve It! Barbarians Partner with Macron
Barbarians and Macron Partner for a Kicking 2024 ( And New Kit Drops Soon!)
Elevate Your Game with Lifting Giants Rugby Lineout Lifting Blocks
Unlock a new era in rugby lineout lifting with Lifting Giants, scientifically proven lineout lifting blocks to redefine your rugby performance.
Classic Sportswear: Pioneering the Rugby Fashion Scene with New Zealand Super Rugby Partnership
In the dynamic world of Australian sportswear, one brand has consistently stood out for its commitment to quality, innovation, and a distinctive Aussie style – Classic Sportswear
Top Rugby Tips: Enhancing Your Skills on the Field
If you've landed here, chances are your enthusiasm for the game matches my ours in the Rugbystuff Clubhouse.  Drawing from our substantial experience in rugby union, we are here to share practical insights aimed at refining your skills on the...
Breaking the Mould: A Review of the Gilbert Cage Pro Pace 6 Stud Rugby Boots
Unboxing the all-new Cage Pro Pace 6 Stud Rugby Boots feels like unveiling a new era in footwear for the iconic rugby brand Gilbert.
Rugby Fitness: Unlocking the training regime of elite players in the UK
Elite international athlete Helen Nelson, in partnership with the Clubhouse, takes us on a fascinating journey behind the scenes of the UK's most accomplished rugby players.
A New Era of Performance: Reviewing the Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite Rugby Boots
I'm Josh Beveridge and I play semi-pro rugby, here is my review on the latest Speed Infinite Elite Rugby Boots from Canterbury.
What is a Ruck in Rugby? Understanding the Basics and Beyond
Whether you're a seasoned player, a passionate fan, or a curious spectator, understanding what a ruck is and its significance in the game is essential.
Canterbury Unveil Purple Speed Infinite Elite Pack

Off the back of the launch of the Speed Infinite Elite boot, Canterbury’s lightest rugby boot ever made, they have released a brand new, purple colourway.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Ripples: Delayed Start to Domestic Season
Rugby World Cup 2023 reverberates throughout domestic rugby leagues, how does the pinnacle of rugby affect your teams league?
Summer Nations Series Introduces Cutting-Edge Law Innovations

The Summer Nations Series kicks off on 29th July, and features a host of ground-breaking innovations, but what are they? We take a closer look

British & Irish Lions Tour 2025 Fixtures Confirmed

Experience the epic adventure: the 2025 British and Irish Lions tour to Australia fixtures are out.

From Kick-off to Final Whistle: How Long Is a Rugby Game?
If you're new to the sport or simply curious, you may find yourself wondering, "How long is a rugby game?"
How Many Players Are On A Rugby Team?
Uncover how many rugby players make up a team - from union to league, and all the variants in-between. Dive into this authoritative guide on rugby team sizes.
Rugby fitness drills to boost speed, strength and agility on the field
Josh Beveridge, our resident academy player, has put together nine rugby fitness drills designed to boost your speed, strength and agility on the field.
Crunching the Codes: Tag Rugby vs. Touch Rugby vs. Full Contact Rugby
Rugby has long been renowned for its physicality, passion, and camaraderie. However, there's more to the game than just one style of play. 
Mastering the Rugby Tackle: Essential Techniques and Strategies
A well-executed tackle can change the course of a match, leaving opponents in awe and securing your team's dominance.
Rugby Pitch Dimensions and Markings for Rugby Union
In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the details of rugby pitch dimensions and markings, providing you with a clear understanding.