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Support the Canadian international rugby side, and check out the new and official Canada rugby shirts & rugby balls. Free UK delivery on orders over £100.

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      Canada Rugby Kits: Where Passion Meets Performance

      Ready to bleed red and white? Our Canada Rugby Shirts & Kit collection is your one-stop shop for gear that embodies the spirit of Canadian rugby excellence. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a player chasing glory, we've got something for you.

      Unleash your inner champion:

        • Meticulously crafted jerseys and kit: Experience quality sportswear built to endure the toughest matches, all emblazoned with the iconic maple leaf.
        • Latest designs and innovations: Explore cutting-edge gear from top brands, offering peak comfort, style, and performance.
        • Express your love for the game: From classic red and white to personalized touches, showcase your Canadian rugby pride with authenticity.

      Gear up for greatness:

        • Shop the latest: Discover a diverse range of jerseys, training kits, rugby balls, and accessories – there's something for every rugby enthusiast.
        • Channel your inner hero: Feel the power of the Canadian rugby legacy as you train, play, or cheer on your team.
        • Victory starts here: Join the journey and become part of something bigger. Embrace the passion, dedication, and excellence that defines Canadian rugby.

      Don't just wear the colours, embody them. Shop Canada Rugby Shirts & Kit today and experience the winning combination of style and performance.