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    Canterbury Clothing

    Back in 1904, three Englishmen who had settled in New Zealand - John Lane, Pringle Walker, and Alfred Rudkin - began crafting durable woollen garments in a small town. Their admiration for their new home led them to christen their company Canterbury after the region they resided in. The brand's foundation was deeply entrenched in the soil of New Zealand, much like the rough and unyielding terrain of the country itself. When it was time to design a logo for the company, the founders opted for three kiwis, a nod to the country's national symbol.

    Canterbury's reputation flourished, when the Australian and New Zealand armies required robust equipment for their World War 1 units, they approached Canterbury. The outcome was tough apparel made in the harsh, frigid conditions of the South Pacific but built for the scorching heat of the Mediterranean. In no time, Canterbury became a household name, synonymous with the Kiwi values of reliability, perseverance, and diligence.

    It was only a matter of time before the All Blacks rugby team - another iconic New Zealand institution - would also choose Canterbury. Thus began a long-standing relationship that would extend over several decades and engrave three kiwis not only onto jerseys but into the annals of the sport's lore.

    The brand has since diversified and modernised its product range to offer a wide selection of sportswear and casual wear.

    Canterbury clothing is widely recognized for its exceptional quality, durability, and unique style. It has become a favourite among rugby enthusiasts and players alike, with the iconic Canterbury logo featuring prominently on many of its products.

    Aside from rugby jerseys, shorts, and socks, Canterbury offers a diverse range of sportswear including training tops, track pants, and hoodies.

    Additionally, the brand also boasts a collection of casual wear in the famous Uglies style.  This collection originates from post war times where off-cuts of fabric were sown together to form rugby shirts.

    Canterbury clothing is sold in many countries across the globe, and the brand has sponsored numerous rugby teams and players throughout the years. This includes famous names such as the British and Irish Lions, the New Zealand All Blacks, and the England rugby team.

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