Dan Carter Supertee's | Kicking Tees for Rugby


    Dan Carter Supertees: The Ultimate Rugby Kicking Tee for Every Player

    Rugby is a game that requires precision and skill, especially when it comes to kicking. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner, the right rugby kicking tee can make all the difference in your performance on the field. And when it comes to rugby kicking tees, Dan Carter Supertees are a name that stands out.

    Dan Carter, widely considered one of the greatest rugby players of all time, collaborated with Daryl Halliganr to create the ultimate rugby kicking tee - the Dan Carter Supertee. These tees are designed to enhance accuracy and distance while reducing the chances of the ball falling off the tee during the kicking process.

    The Dan Carter Supertee is available in several different models:  The original Supertee, Supertee Xtra, The Prince, The King, The Throne, The Crown, The Extreme, The Volcano, and the Elite 75, 95, and 120.  Each tee has its own unique shape which kickers will want to experiment with to obtain the optimum tee for their preferences.

    One of the key features of the original Dan Carter Supertee is its unique concave design. This design cradles the ball, providing a more stable platform for the ball to rest on during the kick. The concave shape also helps to reduce the surface area of the tee that comes into contact with the ball, which can reduce the amount of spin and create a truer flight path for the ball.

    Another feature that sets the Dan Carter Supertee apart from other rugby kicking tees is its material. Made from a durable polyurethane material, these tees are designed to withstand the rigors of the game and last longer than traditional rubber tees.

    If you're looking for a rugby kicking tee that can enhance your performance on the field, the Dan Carter Supertee is the ultimate choice. With its unique concave design, durable material, and range of models to suit every player, it's no wonder why this tee is trusted by rugby players around the world. So go ahead and elevate your game with the Dan Carter Supertee.