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      Nurture the Next Generation of Rugby Stars with Size 3 Rugby Balls at!

      Is your little one between the ages of 6 and 9 and showing an interest in rugby? Size 3 rugby balls are the perfect starting point for their rugby journey! Designed specifically for younger players, these balls are smaller and lighter than adult sizes, making them easier to handle and control. At, we offer a fantastic selection of size 3 rugby balls to ignite a lifelong love for the sport.

      Why Choose Size 3 Rugby Balls from

      • Perfect for Ages 6-9: Size 3 rugby balls are the official size for young players in this age group. Their reduced size promotes better development of motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and overall confidence while playing.

        Length: 255mm (10in), Circumference (tip to tip): 680mm (26.8in), Circumference (girth): 540mm (21.3in)

      • Fun & Development Focused: Choose from a variety of size 3 rugby balls, including fun, brightly colored options to keep young players engaged

      • Top Brands: We offer size 3 rugby balls from the most trusted names in the sport, Gilbert & Rhino, ensuring quality and safety for your child.

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      • Widest Selection: Find the perfect size 3 rugby ball to spark your child's interest in the sport.
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      • Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the ideal size 3 rugby ball based on your child's age and playing preferences.

      Shop with confidence at and introduce your child to the world of rugby with the perfect size 3 ball! Help them develop their skills and build a love for the game that will last a lifetime.