Safejawz Mouthguards

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      Safejawz Mouthguards: Superior Comfort & Protection for All Athletes

      Don't let a bulky mouthguard slow you down! Safejawz offers a revolutionary line of self-fit and custom-fit mouthguards designed for athletes of all ages and levels. Ultra-slim, comfortable designs with Fluid Fit™ technology provide exceptional protection without compromising breathability or speech.

      Safejawz mouthguards are perfect for:

      • Rugby Union & League

      • Boxing & MMA

      • Hockey & Lacrosse

      • Football & More

      Shop Safejawz today and experience the difference:

      • Remodel Tech™: Get a perfect fit every time, even as your teeth shift.

      • JawSecure™: Pre-formed base for optimal jaw protection.

      • Multiple Styles: Find the perfect fit and design for your needs.

      • Easy to Fit & Clean: Boil & bite for a custom fit, then clean with ease.