Canterbury Stampede Rugby Boots

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      Dominate the scrum with Canterbury Stampede Rugby Boots: Built for Props and Second Rows

      Unleash your inner powerhouse on the pitch with the Canterbury Stampede Rugby Boots, specifically designed for props and second rows.

      Engineered for Domination:

      • Rock-solid construction: Crafted with premium materials for exceptional durability, these boots withstand the toughest scrums and rucks.
      • Unwavering grip: Conquer any soft ground surface with the 8 strategically placed screw-in studs, providing unmatched traction for powerful driving mauls and secure footholds.
      • Uncompromising stability: The robust upper wraps your foot securely, ensuring optimal support and control during high-impact collisions.

      Unleash Your Power, Not Your Style:

      • Command attention: Stand out from the forward pack with a range of bold and contemporary colour options.
      • Find your perfect fit: We offer these wide-fitting rugby boots up to a UK Size 15! 

      Empower Your Performance, Every Level:

      • Catered to all players: Whether you're a seasoned professional or a rising star, we offer Kids, Team, and Pro versions to suit your needs and budget.
      • Elevate your game: Experience the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style that empowers you to dominate the tight five.

      Invest in your rugby dominance. Choose Canterbury Stampede Rugby Boots today.