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      Gear Up for the Game: Essential Rugby Scrum Caps & Headguards

      Get your head in the game and stay protected with top-quality rugby headguards, scrum caps, scrum hats, and protective headgear from Body Armour, Canterbury and Rhino at

      Why Wear Protective Scrum Caps in Rugby?

      When you're battling it out on the rugby field, your head and ears are constantly at risk. Rucks, mauls, tackling, and scrums can leave you with bumps, bruises, and even cauliflower ears. That's where rugby headguards come in. We stock an extensive collection of scrum caps for kids and adults.

      Essential for All Players:

      Scrum hats are considered essential kit for many rugby players, both backs and forwards. They offer an extra layer of protection and confidence, helping you play your best without worry.

      Safety and Comfort Combined:

      World Rugby regulations limit the foam padding in headguards to a 10mm thickness, ensuring both safety and comfort. Scrum caps use the highest quality impact-absorbing foam and soft fabrics for maximum protection and a snug, comfortable fit.

      Secure Fit is Key:

      A good rugby scrum hat should fit snugly to prevent movement that could obscure your vision or distract you during play. Keep your focus on the game and stay protected!

      Popular Across The Forwards:

      Front row, Second-row and back-row players often wear scrum hats due to the intense pressure on their heads and ears during scrums and the risk of injury when competing for the ball in rucks, think of them as your rugby helmet!

      Wide Selection of Brands:

      We stock a wide range of brands including Body Armour & Rhino headguards. Body Armour features the popular Club and Ventilator models. The Club is an affordable option with excellent protection, while the Ventilator, with its unique ventilation holes, keeps you cool even under the most intense pressure.

      World Rugby Approved:

      All our scrum caps are tested and approved by World Rugby, so you can be confident you're getting the best quality and protection available.

        Browse our extensive collection of rugby scrum caps and headguards today and find the perfect combination for your needs. With a variety of styles, colours, and brands to choose from, is your one-stop shop for all your essential rugby equipment. Fast delivery and competitive prices ensure you get the best value for your game