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    Rugby Headguards | Scrum caps

    Get your head in the game with rugby headguards from Body Armour New Zealand at Headguards can also be known as scrum caps or headgear.

    When you're battling at the coal face in a game of rugby, your head and ears are liable to take a pounding. Rucks, mauls, tackling and scrums can leave your ears and head feeling like they've been through a mincer, so get the latest headgear and help keep the bumps, bruises and cauliflower ears at bay. 

    Head Guards are regarded as essential pieces of kit by many rugby players, both backs and forwards. Many players like the extra feeling of protection and confidence a headguard can deliver. The World Rugby laws stipulate that the foam on a headguard can be no more than 10mm thick, so this is usually what you'll find. The highest quality chemically cross-linked impact-absorbing closed cell foam is utilised and then covered inside and out with a soft fabric to aid in comfort. Designed to provide maximum impact protection and comfort, our rugby headguards feature adjustable straps and breathable materials for a secure and comfortable fit.

    A rugby headguard should fit very tightly, this is so that there is no movement from the product which could obscure your vision and/or become an irritation during a game. You need to keep your focus on what matters!

    One of the most popular positions for wearing a rugby headguard is in the second row, this is because at scrum time huge amounts of pressure occur on the head and ears as a second row has to place their head between the prop and hookers hips. Not a pleasant place to be... speaking from experience.

    You'll find us stocking a wide collection of Body Armour rugby headguards including the Club and Ventilator. The Club is an entry-level headguard that still provides excellent head protection. The Ventilator, probably the worlds most recognisable head guard globally builds on the excellent protection of the Club but has a series of ventilation holes throughout its design to ensure you stay as cool as possible. 

    All Body Armour Headguards are tested and approved by World Rugby.

    The Brands

    Body Armour New Zealand has been designing and making the best quality rugby scrum-caps and protective apparel for more than 25 years, previously in partnership with Canterbury. Proudly made in New Zealand and used the world over.

    Body Armour works with professional players and at the grassroots level to understand the challenges that rugby players face. This ensures that they create products at the very forefront of technical innovation and quality. Their products are used by professional, club and school players alike.

    Body Armour New Zealand uses its design and technical knowledge from 25 years of leading the market, together with premium technical fabrics and materials for its' range of protective products to give the player the best and most comfortable fit, ventilation and protection from knocks and bruises.

    Buy rugby headguards from Body Armour at today and enjoy free or fast delivery throughout the UK or tracked delivery worldwide. Shop now and stay safe on the field.