Rugby Tackle Bags & Hit Shields

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      Dominate the field  with Rugby Tackle Bags & Hit Shields.


      Elevate your training sessions and master the art of the hit with's premium selection of Gilbert, Precision Training and Rhino tackle bags and hit shields! Whether you're a seasoned pro or a rising star, we have the perfect equipment from these leading brands to help you develop bone-crunching tackles, secure dominant rucks, and refine your defensive technique.


      Hit the ground running with the diverse range of tackle bags:


        • Gilbert's iconic tackle bags: Trusted by generations of players, these classic cylindrical bags offer proven performance and durability.


        • Precision Training's innovative shapes: Hone your low tackles, fend technique, and ball-stealing skills with specially designed curved and wedge-shaped bags.


        • Rhino's renowned hit shield: Elevate your footwork and timing with this dynamic training tool, a favourite among elite teams.


      Sharpen your attack and rucking skills with durable hit shields:


        • Gilbert's versatile hit shields: Available in multiple sizes, these padded shields are perfect for practicing passing, offloading, and rucking techniques with legendary Gilbert quality.


        • Precision Training's targeted focus pads: Isolate specific areas like arms, shoulders, and core with these smaller, maneuverable pads for precise skill development.


        • Rhino's rugged tackling shields: Built to withstand the most intense training sessions, these shields offer unwavering support and a true game-like feel.


      All our tackle bags and hit shields from Gilbert, Precision Training and Rhino are crafted with high-quality materials and expert construction to ensure they can withstand even the most intense training sessions. Plus, we offer a variety of options to fit your budget and needs.


      Why choose for your rugby training gear?


        • Exclusive selection: We carry the best tackle bags and hit shields from 3 of the most respected brands in rugby.


        • Uncompromising quality: Choose Gilbert, Precision Training or Rhino and train with equipment trusted by professionals.


        • Diverse range: Find the perfect training tools for all skill levels and needs, from junior development to elite training.


        • Fast and reliable shipping: Get your gear delivered quickly and easily, so you can start dominating the tackle area sooner.


      Ready to take your tackling and rucking to the next level? Shop's extensive collection of Gilbert, Precision Training and Rhino rugby tackle bags and hit shields today!