OPRO Mouthguards


    OPRO Mouthguards | Gumshields

    OPRO is a brand of mouthguards, otherwise known as Gumshields, that are designed to protect the teeth and mouth during contact sports. They are made from a material that is both comfortable and durable, and they come in a range of sizes and styles to fit different needs.

    OPRO mouthguards are unique in that they use a patented technology called "fin stabilisation" to help keep the mouthguard in place during use. This involves the use of fins that are placed along the inside of the mouthguard, which helps to prevent it from slipping or moving around in the mouth.

    Our OPRO range includes Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze and a special model for those with braces.

    OPRO mouthguards are known for their high level of protection and comfort, and they are used by a number of professional athletes including Manu Tuilagi in rugby union.

    They are also popular among amateur athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to protect their teeth and mouth during activity. OPRO mouthguards are suitable for other sports, not just rugby, including hockey, boxing and MMA.

    OPRO mouthguards are latex free and contain Biomaster which protects from Microbial growth.

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