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    CCC Rugby boots are built specifically for your playing position on the rugby pitch. Forwards and backs have completely different requirements when it comes to rugby boots. Forwards are involved in a lot of the pushing elements of the game, scrums, lineouts, mauls and rucks. Therefore it is imperative that a forwards rugby boot has more stability and offers the maximum amount of traction from its stud configuration. As forwards are usually on the bigger side there is also a need for these boots to have a wide fit to accommodate big feet.

    With Canterbury Rugby boots the two boots in the range that is suited to forwards are the Stampede and Phoenix. The Stampede is best suited to the front five of the scrum. The Props, Hookers and Second Rows. This is because the Stampede is one of the widest boots on the market, it is also extremely supportive and offers superb traction through its 8 screw in studs.

    The Phoenix is not quite as wide as the Stampede but still offers superb traction but in a lighter package. Therefore the Phoenix lends itself very well to the back row of the scrum. Open sides, blind-sides and number 8's. These positions have more of a demand on speed, agility and work-rate around the pitch, therefore, the decreased weight of the boot will help in this matter.

    The priorities for a back usually revolve around speed and kicking accuracy. Therefore a lightweight boot, with less support and less need for traction is the prescription. In some positions, particularly stand-off and full-back the need for control when kicking may include additional elements to the boot to aide contact with the ball when kicking.

    The Speed Boot from Canterbury fulfills these needs, built on Canterbury's Speed last ensures a dynamic forefoot fit and locked in heel retention. It's nice and light for on-pitch agility and an asymmetric lacing system gives a nice big strike zone for kicking.

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