Rugby Grip Socks


    Rugby Grip Socks

    Grip socks for rugby are specially designed socks that provide better traction and grip between your sock and your rugby boot. They are typically made of durable materials like nylon or polyester, and feature rubber or silicone dots on the sole that provide better grip on the inside of your rugby boot.

    Rugby is a high-impact sport that requires a lot of running, jumping, and sudden changes in direction. Grip socks for rugby can help players maintain better control of their movements, reduce the risk of slipping within your boot and prevent injury's such as blisters.

    In addition to providing better grip on the field, rugby grip socks also offer additional cushioning and support to the feet, which can help reduce fatigue and soreness during and after games.

    There are several brands that offer grip socks for rugby, at you'll find ATAK and Canterbury. These socks come in a range of sizes and styles, and are often designed to match your team colours.  Many players will opt to cut the foot from their socks provided by the club and utilise grip socks for the improved performance aspect.  They will wear their 'club sock' as a sleeve over their calves taped down with cohesive sock wrap.