Gilbert Rugby Boots


    Gilbert Rugby Boots

    The 2022/23 Rugby boot collection from Gilbert Rugby is ready to kick off the season. 

    Forwards can revel in the tight game with the 8 stud Sidestep X15. A naturally wide-fitting boot, the outsole is designed to deliver loads of traction on the soft natural ground whilst also providing a comfortable reactive boot that doesn’t comprise agility. No more clumpy forwards boots here! The upper is constructed of the most durable materials, to ensure they withstand the tests of the rugby field.

    When it's time to dial up the speed, for backs or even back-rows the 6 stud version of the X15 is the boot to turn to. Imagine being excited every time you go to lace up your boots. A classic design, with a classic fit, when you experience the comfort and performance these boots gives you, you'll be shocked you've not paid double..

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