Gilbert Rugby


    Gilbert Rugby

    Gilbert Rugby is a well-known brand of rugby equipment and accessories, particularly rugby balls. The company was founded by William Gilbert in 1823 in the city of Rugby, England, which is also the birthplace of the sport of rugby.

    Gilbert Rugby has been at the forefront of rugby ball manufacturing for over 180 years and has a long-standing history of providing rugby balls for some of the biggest rugby tournaments in the world. The brand is the official ball supplier for major rugby union tournaments such as the Six Nations, Rugby Championship, and the British and Irish Lions tours.  Gilbert has been the official rugby union ball supplier to the Rugby World Cup since 1995.

    Gilbert Rugby offers a wide range of rugby equipment, including rugby balls, training balls, and match balls, as well as other accessories such as kicking tees, scrum caps, and protective gear. The brand's rugby balls are known for their high-quality materials, superior grip, and durability, making them a popular choice among rugby players at all levels of the game.

    In addition to rugby balls and equipment, Gilbert Rugby also offers a range of team wear, including rugby jerseys, shorts, socks, and training gear, as well as accessories such as bags and backpacks.

    Overall, Gilbert Rugby is a trusted and respected brand in the world of rugby, known for producing high-quality equipment and accessories that meet the demands of the sport at all levels.