Rugby Boots


    Rugby Boots are continuing to evolve into a high performance piece of sports equipment thanks to the onward progression of the professional game. 

    Choosing the right pair of rugby boots for your position is essential.  From more supportive boots with grip being the priority for the forwards, to lighter boots with technologies to enhance kicking and sprint form for the backs.  We have every position and ground condition catered for.

    When considering boots it is essential to consider if you need a soft ground (SG) or firm ground (FG) configuration. Soft ground boots usually have metal screw in studs and are suitable for most conditions experienced here in the UK.  These will offer the most amount of traction on natural turf.

    Firm Ground boots have a moulded plastic sole, the studs are not interchangeable.  They are great for pre-season when you want to lesson impact on your feet and body, especially as this is the summer months in the UK when pitches are likely to be much firmer.  The rise of 3G pitches is also increasing the popularity of firm ground boots as these surfaces are always in excellent condition no matter what the weather.

    At we stock rugby boots from the best, most rugby focused brands on the market including Adidas, Canterbury and Mizuno. You can browse our full selection here.

    Adidas are the current market leaders in rugby boots covering every different position on the pitch with the Kakari and Malice and collections offering an array of styles. 

    Canterbury offer some superb value boots and are particularly suited to players with wide feet. 

    Mizuno have a very long-standing reputation for making reliable boots stemming all the way back to the 90s classic; the Timaru.

    Lace up your rugby boots and step up your game with!