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    The Rugby Boots Guide - Making the right choices and maintaining your boots.
    The Rugby Boots Guide - Making the right choices and maintaining your boots.

    Rugby Boots

    Are you ready to elevate your rugby game? Look no further than, your one-stop-shop for high-performance rugby boots. Our extensive collection features top brands like Adidas, Canterbury, and Mizuno, so you're sure to find the perfect pair for your position and playing style.

    One of the common questions we receive is about the difference between rugby and football boots. While traditionally, rugby boots were characterized by their high ankle cut design and hard toe for extra support and protection, football boots were known for their lighter construction and lack of ankle support. However, with the growing demand for football-style boots among rugby players, many boots are now lightweight and flexible and suitable to the modern demands of the game.

    To cater to different positions on the field, manufacturers have designed backs boots to be lighter than forwards boots. Forwards require sturdier boots for scrummaging, while backs, especially kickers and sprinters, benefit from lighter boots for speed. In terms of stud formation, forwards boots typically have 8 studs arranged in a 6x2 formation for better grip in rucks, mauls, and scrums. Backs boots, on the other hand, have 6 studs arranged in a 4x2 formation to further reduce weight.

    Another popular question is the legality of blade studs. As long as they are not considered "sharp or abrasive" by the referee, they are allowed. It is recommended to avoid wearing boots on hard surfaces like concrete as it can cause the studs to sharpen and wear down quickly.

    Rugby boots come in two categories - soft ground (SG) and firm ground (FG) boots. SG boots are designed for use on soft, natural surfaces common in the UK during the rugby season. FG boots, on the other hand, are intended for use on natural firm ground surfaces in sunny, dry conditions and on artificial surfaces like 3G and 4G pitches. It's important to choose the right studs for the surface to avoid damage to both the boots and the player.

    When choosing your boots, it's important to consider the ground conditions you'll be playing on. Soft ground boots, with metal screw-in studs, provide the most traction on natural turf. If you're playing on firmer ground conditions, like during the summer months or on 3G pitches, firm ground boots with moulded plastic soles are a great choice.

    When trying on boots, make sure they fit snugly without discomfort. If your feet are still growing, it's wise to allow for some growth room. Manufacturers do not offer different widths, but the Kakari range from Adidas and the Stampede from Canterbury are good options for those with wider feet. It's also advisable to bring your match rugby socks when trying on boots for the best size assessment.

    Proper maintenance and care of your rugby boots is also crucial. After each use, untie the laces and let the boots dry properly to avoid shrinking, fraying, and snapping. Dirt should be removed by knocking the boots together and using a dry brush, followed by a wet cloth to wipe down the boots and remove smaller particles of dirt. For ingrained mud, a toothbrush can be used to reach small spaces. After wet conditions, stuff the boots with newspaper to help maintain shape and absorb moisture. Let the boots dry naturally, without applying artificial heat, to prevent over-drying and stiffness.

    If you're training frequently, consider having an older pair of boots for training and reserving your newest ones for match day. This will extend the life of your boots and ensure you always have a dry pair for games. By choosing the right boots, maintaining them properly, and understanding the differences between different types, you'll be well on your way to maximizing your performance on the rugby field.

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