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      Gear up for impact and feel invincible on the field with a complete range of rugby pads from Whether you're a powerhouse forward or a lightning-fast back, we have everything you need to stay safe and confident while dominating the game.

      Unleash Your Inner Beast with Uncompromising Protection:

      • Shoulder Pads for Rugby: Protect your core with high-density, closed-cell foam padding from trusted brands like Body Armour, Canterbury and ProPadz. World Rugby regulation-compliant (10mm on shoulders, 5mm elsewhere), these pads absorb impacts and disperse force, minimising injuries.
      • Flexibility Unleashed: Move freely and fearlessly with innovative pad designs featuring triangular and hexagonal foam segments, ensuring a comfortable, second-skin fit that adapts to your every move.
      • Snug & Secure Fit: Experience unwavering protection with pads that hug your body comfortably, eliminating unwanted shifting and providing the confidence to charge into every ruck and scrum.
      • Boob Armour (for female players): Minimise impact and discomfort with discreet, yet effective, inserts designed to fit seamlessly into sports bras and crop tops, providing added peace of mind.

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