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      Level up your rugby safety with Body Armour, the trusted name in head guards, shoulder pads, lifting blocks, and forearm guards!

      For over 25 years, Body Armour New Zealand has crafted high-performance protective gear used by pros, clubs, and schools worldwide. Originally partnered with Canterbury, they've become a leading brand, proudly made in New Zealand with quality and innovation at their core.

      Here's why rugby players choose Body Armour:

        • Unmatched Expertise: They collaborate with both elite and grassroots players to understand the game's demands, ensuring their gear meets the toughest challenges.
        • Technical Excellence: Using premium materials and cutting-edge design, Body Armour offers comfortable, secure fits with optimal ventilation and impact protection.
        • Confidence on the Field: Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a rising star, Body Armour equips you to perform at your peak while staying safe.

      Ready to boost your protection? Head over to and explore the Body Armour range:

        • Head Guards: Choose from various styles for maximum head and ear protection.
        • Shoulder Pads: Get the perfect balance of comfort and impact absorption.
        • Lifting Blocks: Enhance stability and safety during lineouts.
        • Forearm Guards: Shield yourself from bumps and bruises without sacrificing mobility.

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