Backs Rugby Boots


    Backs Rugby Boots

    Rugby Boots for players across the backs that's numbers 9 to 15 on the field, including scrum-half, stand-offs, centers, wingers, and full-backs plus anyone who kicks.

    There are two main requirements for boots that are suited to back play. Primarily backs rugby boots are designed to be lightweight. That's because out in the backs where the players experience more space in the open field speed is almost always king. Yeah, there are some big, physical backs, but they are usually super quick as well. A lightweight boot is going to help a back to reach top speed.

    The second main requirement is for positions where kicking is essential. This could be a scrum-half box kicking, a stand-off or full-back punting for touch. Or your designated kicker kicking for goal from penalties and converting tries, or simply knocking over a drop goal. To achieve the optimal kick the ball must be struck solidly on the sweet spot. To help along with this some backs rugby boots, primarily the Malice collection from Adidas sport certain features that will help to increase the power transferred from the boot. Namely asymmetrical lacing systems to increase the surface area striking the rugby ball, and/or a rubber grip system which helps to grip the leather of the ball, again increasing striking force.

    The outsole of a backs rugby boot for soft ground (SG) is generally made up of a 4 x 2 screw in stud configuration. That is 4 studs under the forefoot and 2 at the rear under the heel. This helps reduce the overall weight of the boot. These will sometimes be supplemented with 4 or so moulded stud elements to the outsole to aid in overall stability.

    On a natural firm ground pitch or on man-made synthetic surfaces such as 3G and 4G a firm ground rugby boot (FG) is often preferred. This trades off a lot of the grip of screw-in metal studs but through the dryer months grip is not so much the priority. Comfort and cushioning of your feet become more important and this is where boots with an outsole made of moulded plastic excel. The repetitive striking of firm ground in a metal studded boot is highly likely to cause blisters, especially during pre-season, however, this will not be the case with a moulded boot.

    At we stock rugby boots from all the big players. Adidas Rugby Boots, Canterbury, Gilbert and Mizuno. These brands will all be seen on the best professional rugby players in the biggest tournaments, like the Six Nations, Rugby Championship and the Rugby World Cup.

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