The Best Rugby Boots for Backs 2024

Welcome back to the Rugbystuff Clubhouse. Today we are going to talk a little about backs in general, then go over our top rugby boots for the playmakers and speed merchants.

In rugby, the term "backs" is used to refer to the players who typically play in the backline of the team; that's numbers 9-15 on the field. They are usually faster, more agile, and are responsible for attacking and defending in open play.

Rugby Boots for Backs - Rugbystuff

 The backs are divided into two main groups:

  1. Halfbacks: The halfbacks consist of the scrum-half and the stand-off. The scrum half is responsible for feeding the ball into the scrum and distributing the ball to the other backs, while the stand-off is the primary playmaker and usually takes control of directing the team's attack.
  2. Three-Quarter Backs: The three-quarter backs consist of the centres, wings, and fullback. The centres require a combination of skills including direct running in attack, ball distribution and are key players in defence. The wings are the fastest players in the team and their main objective is to make ground up the wings and score tries. The fullback is the last line of defence and is responsible for kick receipt and returning them with a further kick or launching a counter-attack. 

Rugby boot requirements for backs include being light in weight to aid in sprinting, supportive for rapid changes in direction, and may have additional attributes to aid in making a solid connection with the rugby ball when kicking.

Can you wear football boots for rugby?

Yes, you definitely can wear football boots for rugby, although we wouldn't recommend them for forwards as their boots need to be more robust to deal with the more physical nature of the forward's game. However, football boots are more than acceptable for backs. They are generally really light in weight, and often sport the most up-to-date boot technology out there, not mention being pretty flashy! You will see many pro players wearing football boots and you find us stocking some at too. 

Can you wear Firm Ground (FG) boots for rugby?

Yes, you definitely can. If you are on a 3G pitch or the pitch has hard ground during periods of dry weather you can wear firm ground boots. The moulded plastic/rubber soles reduce the level of impact on your feet reducing the chances of injury and blisters. Word of caution though - they would only be appropriate across the back line and loose forwards.

Here are four of the best rugby options for backs in our opinion.

  • Adidas RS15

    Introducing the latest game-changers in rugby footwear for 2024 - the Adidas Adizero RS15 Pro Soft Ground Rugby Boots. Designed to revolutionise your performance on the field, these boots have set a new standard in rugby boots, replacing the renowned Predator Malice Rugby Boot Collection.

    Crafted for lightning-fast movements, the Adizero RS15 boasts a seamless Fusionskin leather forefoot that guarantees unmatched comfort and a precise fit. With rigid stability wings, ripstop fabric in the rearfoot, and foam Sensepods in the heel, these boots offer unparalleled lockdown for those crucial sprints. The asymmetrical lacing and 3D-printed elements enhance your control in every direction, giving you an edge over your opponents. Moreover, the Speedframe outsole ensures superior traction on soft ground, helping you maintain your grip during the most intense moments of the game.

    The best part is that the Adizero RS15 amalgamates the signature kicking features of the classic Predator rugby boots with the blistering speed attributes of the RS7, making it an ideal choice for players across the back-row and the backline.

    So, if you're looking to up your agility and dominate the game with confidence, the Adizero RS15 Pro Soft Ground Rugby Boots are the perfect companion for your rugby journey. Get ready to unleash your full potential and make every moment on the field count with these top-of-the-line leather rugby boots.

  • Canterbury Speed Infinite

    Get ready to take your rugby game to the next level with the Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite SG Rugby Boots - brand new for this season. These boots are engineered with cutting-edge technology to give you the edge over your opponents, and they have quickly become the go-to choice for the swiftest players on the field such as Ireland's Mack Hansen.


    Designed for ultimate performance, the Speed Infinite boasts an ultra-lightweight monomesh upper, featuring advanced stitch reinforcement and VAPOSKIN membrane technology. This optimised design not only reduces weight but also provides exceptional support and a comfortable fit, ensuring that even the quickest rugby players will find it hard to outrun this boot.

    The lighter construction of these boots allows for faster acceleration and minimum energy loss, thanks to the tighter fit that wraps around your foot securely. The soft ground sole is equipped with FLIGHTBEAM technology and Pebax Powered® materials, offering explosive energy response and lightweight stability, making them perfectly suited for grass rugby pitches.

    Kicking precision is taken to new heights with the Canterbury Speed Infinite. The boot's unrestricted heel profile and texture provide greater power and accuracy during kicks, giving you the confidence to take those crucial shots.

    Comfort is not compromised either. The knitted collar, targeted zonal padding, and Ortholite® footbed ensure a breathable and cushioned experience throughout the game, keeping you at your best from start to finish.

    But that's not all - Canterbury is also committed to sustainability. The Speed Infinite boasts a 97% bio-based outsole, featuring Pebax® RNEW® material made from castor beans. So, not only will you be performing at your peak, but you'll also be making an eco-friendly choice with these boots.

    Whether you're a seasoned pro or an aspiring rugby star, the Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite SG Rugby Boots are a game-changer that promises unparalleled speed, precision, and comfort. Step onto the field with confidence and leave your competitors in awe with every swift move you make.

  • Mizuno Morelia Neo Beta Elite

    The Mizuno Morelia Neo Beta Elite is a high-performance rugby boot designed for players who require speed, agility, and precision on the field. The boot features a synthetic leather upper that is lightweight and durable, providing a comfortable fit and good support. The moulded outsole will offer ample grip on 3G surfaces and firm natural pitches. The Morelia Neo III Beta Elite is known for its responsive feel and excellent touch, making it a popular choice among rugby players who prioritise control and accuracy.

In conclusion, choosing the right rugby boots for backs is crucial for both performance and comfort on the pitch.

Backs need boots that provide good traction, flexibility, and support for quick movements and changes in direction, while also considering the specific needs of their position.

Lightweight materials, a comfortable fit, and proper care and maintenance are also important factors to keep in mind.

By following these guidelines, backs can find the ideal pair of boots to help them play their best and stay at the top of their game.

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