RWC 2023 Leisure Wear



    2023 sees the Rugby World Cup take place in France for the time. 

    The 2023 Rugby World Cup will take place in France, and be the 10th edition of the tournament, and kicks off on 8th September, continuing through until the final in Paris on the 28th October.

    The opening match takes place on the the 8th September 2023 between hosts France and New Zealand at the Stade de France.

    South Africa are the defending champions, following their 2019 victory in Japan, however, fellow Southern Hemisphere nations Australia and New Zealand will join Northern Hemisphere powerhouses such as England, Ireland, France, Wales and Scotland in attempts to prevent the Springboks winning again.

    20 teams have qualified for the four different pools.

    POOL A – New Zealand, France, Italy, Uruguay, Africas 1

    POOL B – South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Asia/Pacific 1, Europe 2

    POOL C – Wales, Australia, Fiji, Europe 1, Final Qualifier Winner

    POOl D – England, Japan, Argentina, Samoa, Americas 2

    The teams finishing in the top two of each pool will advance to the quarter-finals, before semi-finals and the final on the 28th October 2023 at the Stade de France.

    The draw resulted in the following fixtures in each pool:

    Pool A Fixtures

    8 September France v New Zealand
    9 September Italy v Africa 1
    14 September France v Uruguay
    15 September New Zealand v Africa 1
    20 September Italy v Uruguay
    21 September France v Africa 1
    27 September Uruguay v Africa 1
    29 September New Zealand v Italy
    5 October New Zealand v Uruguay
    6 October France v Italy

    Pool B Fixtures

    9 September Ireland v Europe 2
    10 September South Africa v Scotland
    16 September Ireland v Asia/Pacific 1
    17 September South Africa v Europe 2
    23 September South Africa v Ireland
    24 September Scotland v Asia/Pacific 1
    30 September Scotland v Europe 2
    1 October South Africa v Asia/Pacific 1
    7 October Ireland v Scotland
    8 October Asia/Pacific 1 v Europe 2

    Pool C Fixtures

    9 September Australia v Europe 1
    10 September Wales v Fiji
    16 September Wales v Final Qualifier Winner
    17 September Australia v Fiji
    23 September Europe 1 v Final Qualifier Winner
    24 September Wales v Australia
    30 September Fiji v Europe 1
    1 October Australia v Final Qualifier Winner
    7 October Wales v Europe 1
    8 October Fiji v Final Qualifier Winner

    Pool D Fixtures

    9 September England v Argentina
    10 September Japan v Americas 2
    16 September Samoa v Americas 2
    17 September England v Japan
    22 September Argentina v Samoa
    23 September England v Americas 2
    28 September Japan v Samoa
    30 September Argentina v Americas 2
    7 October England v Samoa
    8 October Japan v Argentina

    The Webb Ellis Cup, which the 20 nations will play for, is named after William Webb Elllis, the man who - according to rugby folklore - picked up a football and ran with it, so creating the game of rugby we all love. 

    First XV will stock official RWC 2023 branded merchandise, replica rugby shirts, rugby balls, training kit and leisurewear from the competing nations, as New Zealand look to pick up the Webb Ellis Cup for the third time in a row.