Muhammad Ali - The Greatest Of All Time

In early 2015, Under Armour formed a partnership with boxing legend Muhammad Ali, with the aim of creating a range of apparel with Ali branding. For those with their head outside the ring Ali - or Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr to give him his birth name - is an ex American Professional Boxer considered to be one of the greatest boxing heavyweights of all time. Not only a boxer, he was particularly popular for his values and personalty out of the ring. So much so he was awarded accolades such as BBC’s “Sports Personality of the Century” V5-1275551-001_HTB In later years, Ali has fallen in to ill health, in particular Parkinson’s disease. It seems fitting that Ali and his family have partnered with a brand which will protect and enhance his legacy. V5-1275549-025_HTF The first collection of this Ali-inspired clothing is now available at The t-shirts in the range pay tribute to the American boxer’s status as the “Greatest Of All Time” - this status was attributed to Ali after he defeated Sonny Liston, in his post match interview Ali was quoted as saying "I shook up the world!" "I talk to God every day." "I must be the greatest!" V5-1276434-001_LDF As part of the “Rule Yourself” advertising campaign - which features other UA brand ambassadors Steph Curry, Cam Newton and Misty Copeland - Under Armour have released a video showing clips of Muhammad Ali fighting and training, as well as young aspiring boxers. Has there been a better collaboration between athlete and brand?

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