Dominate the Ruck with Innovative Protection: Introducing PROPADZ

Here at, we're committed to providing you with the gear you need to perform at your best on the pitch, all while prioritising your safety. That's why we're thrilled to announce that we're now stocking PROPADZ, the revolutionary rugby protection system!

PROPADZ: A New Era in Shoulder Protection

For years, rugby players have relied on bulky foam rugby shoulder pads to absorb impact. While these pads offer a degree of protection, they can also restrict movement and cause discomfort. PROPADZ takes a different approach, utilising a unique modular gel pad system.

Here's what sets PROPADZ apart:

  • Unmatched Comfort and Flexibility: The lightweight, breathable vest conforms to your body shape, allowing for full range of motion during tackles, scrums, and mauls. No more feeling restricted or weighed down by bulky pads.

  • Targeted Protection: PROPADZ features removable gel inserts that you can position exactly where you need them most. This custom approach ensures maximum protection for your shoulders, ribs, and sternum.

  • World Rugby Approved: Safety is paramount. PROPADZ vests are fully compliant with World Rugby regulations, giving you peace of mind on the field.

PROPADZ for Every Player

Whether you're a seasoned forward facing off in the ruck or a lightning-fast back weaving through defenders, PROPADZ offers a customisable protection solution. The system is available in a range of sizes to fit all body types, and is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels.

Propadz Rugby Shoulder Pads

Upgrade Your Game with PROPADZ

Don't settle for bulky, uncomfortable protection. Experience the difference that PROPADZ can make in your game. Visit or head down to our Edinburgh store to try on a PROPADZ vest today. Let's get you on the pitch, dominating the ruck with confidence and full range of motion!

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