Six Nations 2025: Fixture List and Dates

The dust has barely settled on the 2024 Six Nations, but for rugby fans, the announcement of the 2025 fixtures is a cause for celebration. Get ready for another year of thrilling tries, crunching tackles, and passionate rivalries, because the Guinness Six Nations is back with a fresh schedule that promises fireworks.

Six Nations 2025 Fixture List and Dates

Friday Night Lights in Paris Ignite the Championship

For 2025, the Six Nations kicks off with a bang on Friday, January 31st, under the dazzling lights of the Stade de France. France will play host to Wales, setting the stage for a night of electric atmosphere and high-octane rugby.

Classic Rivalries Renewed on Super Saturday

The final weekend, Saturday, March 15th, promises to be a nail-biting affair. We'll see Italy take on Ireland in Rome, followed by the highly anticipated clash between Wales and England in Cardiff. The tournament culminates in Paris, where France will battle it out with Scotland for what could be a championship-deciding match.

Key Dates for Your Diary

Here are some key fixtures to mark in your calendar:

  • Round 1: France vs Wales (Friday, January 31st, 8:15 PM)
  • Round 1: Ireland vs England (Saturday, February 1st, 4:45 PM)
  • Round 3: England vs Scotland (Saturday, February 22nd, 4:45 PM)
  • Round 5: Wales vs England (Saturday, March 16th, 4:45 PM)
  • Super Saturday: Italy vs Ireland, Wales vs England, France vs Scotland (Saturday, March 15th)

A Tournament Full of Possibilities

With the 2024 champions yet to be crowned, predicting the 2025 winner is a fool's errand. Will France carry their home advantage into the new year? Can England recapture the glory days? Or will one of the other nations rise to the challenge?

The beauty of the Six Nations is its unpredictability. Every match is a battle, and every point counts. So get your 2025 Six Nations Rugby Shirt once they are released in summer 2024, mark your calendars, and prepare for another year of unforgettable Six Nations action!

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