Rugby World Cup kits 2023: Every shirt ranked

Are you ready for the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

If so, you’ll be glad to know that teams have begun releasing their new shirts for the biggest rugby tournament.

With all the top international teams in rugby set to compete at the 2023 event, it’s time to get excited and start ranking these awesome rugby jerseys!

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best new Rugby World Cup replica shirts and giving our opinion on which one is the most stylish for rugby fans to pull on.

2023 Rugby World Cup Replica Shirts

For those rugby fans going to France for the tournament, it's a chance to have a look and see if it's worth supporting a second side.

There are 20 nations competing at the 2023 Rugby World Cup, but who makes what shirts? 

Here are all the manufacturers in a handy graph!

Rugby World Cup 2023 Shirt Manufactureres

Italian brand Macron lead the way with 7 teams - Georgia, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Samoa, Scotland & Wales. 

Following on from that comes Nike, producing official kit for Argentina, Fiji and South Africa, with the double acts of Canterbury (Ireland & Japan), Umbro (Chile & England). 

There's one each from Asics (Australia) Adidas with the All Blacks Rugby World Cup jersey, hosts France and Le Coq Sportif, with BLK supplying Namibia. 

We aren't suite sure yet who is making shirts for Tonga and Uruguay, but we will do our best to find out and stock them at if possible. 

Anyway, on with the rankings, so let’s take a closer look and see what makes each shirt unique!


The tournament hosts are first to launch their 2023 Rugby World Cup shirt, again in partnership with Le Coq Sportif. 

A special weaving design is a first on a France rugby shirt, which almost looks like a variation on a tartan.

Matched with the classic white shorts and red socks, it's definitely going to look sharp on the rugby pitch.

With a home support packing the stands in the new blue colour inspired by the updated colour of the French flag, France are sure to be in with shot at a first Rugby World Cup win in this shirt. Ranking - 8/10


For the first time at a Rugby World Cup, the Wallabies will have a First Nations design on their home jersey. The numbers on the back of the shirt and detail in the inside collar bear the design of Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay artist Dennis Golding.

The Wallabies away shirt is white, and features the First Nations design to the shoulders and side panels.

Unfortunately one of only five shirts we won't be stocking, as Asics have decided not to sell them outside of Australia. Ranking - 5/10 (would have been a 6,  but they lose a point for not selling it outside Australia!)


2023 Rugby World Cup Replica Shirts


New Zealand All Blacks

All Blacks Rugby World Cup Jersey 2023

The three-time Rugby World Cup winners have brought out their new home jersey. And it's... black!

The design was created in part by Fey The Wolf, a French street artist who is famous for working with black. He partnered with Adidas to create this new All Blacks jersey, and it's certainly different from anything New Zealand have worn before

At the heart of the All Blacks RWC jersey is an emblem made up of 14 different sized ferns, designed to signify the diversity and differing experience of the current squad. Completing the look, the famous All Blacks crest acts as the 15th fern, with each facing inwards to create the “USO” mark; a Samoan term meaning brother, in honour of the bond between the All Blacks.

Will 2023 be added to that list on the sleeve? Time will tell! Ranking - 7/10


Macron Portugal Rugby World Cup Shirt - Home

The first of seven nations that Macron are producing Rugby World Cup shirts for, the Portugal rugby shirt is inspired by the national flag.

On the Os Lobos - which translates as The Wolves -  home shirt, an all-over, optical effect pattern in different colours represents the five shields in the centre of the Portuguese flag.

The same graphic is present on the away shirt, but on contrasting white and green colour option.

Macron Portugal Rugby World Cup Shirt - Away

Everyone likes to back an underdog in the Rugby World Cup, and with these 2 jerseys, we can see Portugal being a popular choice! Ranking - 9/10


Macron Argentina Home Rugby World Cup Shirt

Wow! It may be traditional but the Los Pumas Home jersey for the 2023 Rugby World Cup is a stunner. 

It features the same classic white and sky blue hoops, a style that dates all the way back to the Argentina rugby shirt in 1927.

Macron Argentina Away Rugby World Cup Shirt

The Argentina away shirt is equally as impressive.

Based on the uniforms worn by the Regimiento de Granaderos a Caballo (Regiment of Grenadiers on Horseback), it is designed to bring together the idea of Argentina’s independence and the passion of the players. Ranking - 10/10


Macron Italy Home Rugby World Cup Shirt

The Italy Home and Away Rugby Shirts for the Rugby World Cup 2023 proudly both feature the same patriotic symbols, with the home jersey in classic blue, and the away in white.

Featuring dye-sub graphics with laurel wreaths across the chest and the Capitoline Wolf at the back, the shirts will certainly instil a sense of national pride to any Italia rugby fan.

The Italy home rugby shirt works well, but the away jersey maybe isn't up to the same level as the previous one worn in the 2023 Six Nations

Macron Italy Away Rugby World Cup Shirt Ranking - 6/10


Macron Scotland Rugby World Cup Shirt

The tartan returns!

As always, the Scotland RWC 2023 home jersey is a classic, heritage dark blue, and features the Scottish Rugby tartan on either side. In a slight change, it's paired with dark blue shorts, and white socks.

The alternative kit sees the purple gone from last season, replaced with a more traditional white jersey, which is embossed with the design of the Scottish Rugby tartan, teaming up with blue shorts and socks.

The Scotland Rugby World Cup shirts will be available at from Monday 17th July. Ranking - 11/10 (OK, there's some slight bias from our point, what with being based in Edinburgh!)


Uruguay Home Rugby World Cup Shirt 2023

A pair of beauties!

The yellow away shirt - created to reflect the sun in the national flag - will actually be Uruguay's main kit during the 2023 Rugby World Cup, as they will wear it against France, Italy and Namibia.

Only against the All Blacks will Los Teros wear the traditional sky blue jersey.

Uruguay Away Rugby World Cup Shirt 2023

Unfortunately the Uruguay kit is another we haven't been able to get our hands on, so the only time we will see this one is in France!. Ranking - 8/10 


Nike Fiji Rugby World Cup Home Shirt

Nike have absolutely smashed it out the park with the new Fiji Rugby World Cup shirts.

As always, the Fiji home jersey is mainly white, with traditional black tribal design to the reflect the heritage of the nation.

Fiji's away jersey really stands out though! A red palm leaf design on a black background is going to look stunning with the Flying Fijians step out on the field in France. 

Nike Fiji Rugby World Cup Away Shirt Ranking - 10/10 


Canterbury Ireland RWC Shirt

Is that even the correct green!?

Not the strongest shirts Canterbury have released, that's for sure. And the round collar makes it look more like a t-shirt than an Ireland rugby jersey.

But if Andy Farrell's men bring home the trophy, will it matter?! Ranking - 5/10


Umbro Chile Home RWC Shirt

If you're looking for a second team to follow, Chile could be it thanks to these kits from Umbro!

The home jersey is classic Chilean red, while the away kit is reminiscent of an early 1990s England football shirt.

Umbro Chile Away RWC Shirt Ranking - 9/10


Umbro England Home RWC Shirt

A clean design for the England Home Rugby World Cup shirt. White base, red Umbro logo, gold 2003 Webb Ellis trophy on the right sleeve, it's a classic.

Umbro England Away Rugby World Cup Shirt

The England away one is a nice change, with the red really standing out against the navy blue base. Ranking - 8/10


Canterbury Japan Rugby World Cup 2023 Home Shirt

Not really much has changed from the 2019 Rugby World Cup shirts from the Brave Blossoms. The main design is almost identical on both home and away jerseys, with a new collar and obviously an updated RWC 2023 crest.

Canterbury Japan Rugby World Cup 2023 Away Shirt Ranking - 7/10


Safe to say that BLK have kept it simple with the Namibia Rugby World Cup shirt. Unfortunately it's another we can't get in stock, so a low ranking for this! Ranking - 5/10


Macron Wales Rugby World Cup 2023 Home Shirt

A nod to the Wales rugby shirt of old, the Welsh 2023 Rugby World Cup home jersey is a traditional red with darker panels to the sides, and a classic white collar.

Lyrics from the Welsh national anthem, Pleidiol Wyf I'm Glad, which translates to ‘I am faithful to my country’, and “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” feature underneath the collar and to the bottom panel on the rear of the jersey. A nice patriotic touch!

Macron Wales Rugby World Cup 2023 Away Shirt

The Wales away will be worn in the second pool match against Portugal.

A main black body is contrasted by bright yellow accents, the style of the flag of St David. 

Again, it features a traditional collar, and includes an embossed St David's cross to the front panel. Ranking - 8/10


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