The lowdown on Opro rugby mouthguards

For any rugby player, proper protection is paramount. While dodging tackles and jinking past defenders, a mouthguard acts as your silent guardian, safeguarding your teeth and jaw from potential impact.

In the world of rugby mouthguards, OPRO stands out as the undisputed champion, trusted by professionals and amateurs alike.

OPRO: A Legacy of Innovation in Mouthguard Technology

Founded in 1997, OPRO has carved a niche for itself by prioritising cutting-edge technology and meticulous design. OPRO mouthguards are crafted using high-grade materials, ensuring optimal shock absorption and a comfortable fit.

The OPRO Advantage: Multiple Options for Every Player

OPRO caters to a variety of needs, offering a spectrum of mouthguard types:

  • Self-Fit: Perfect for those seeking a convenient and affordable option. OPRO's self-fit guards come in various sizes and can be moulded for a personalised fit.

  • Instant Custom-Fit: These mouthguards provide a more precise fit using a boil-and-bite technique for enhanced comfort and protection.
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Safety and Performance Go Hand-in-Hand with OPRO

Beyond protection, OPRO mouthguards are designed to promote performance. Their slim and comfortable profile allows for unrestricted speech and breathing, crucial for seamless communication on the field. Additionally, OPRO mouthguards can help prevent jaw injuries by providing added stability.

Decoding OPRO Mouthguard Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum

OPRO mouthguards come in various levels, each offering a different level of protection, comfort, and fit. Here's a breakdown to help you choose the right one for your rugby needs:

Snap-Fit (Basic): This most basic option provides a convenient, ready-to-wear solution but offers the least protection and fit compared to others.

Bronze (Training Level): Ideal for training sessions, the Bronze level features a mouldable single-layer construction for enhanced impact protection compared to Snap-Fit.

Silver (Match Level): A step up from Bronze, the Silver level boasts a dual-layer construction with a durable outer layer for better impact absorption and a flexible inner layer for improved comfort and fit. This makes it suitable for both training and matches.

Gold (Competition Level): For competitive players, the Gold level offers superior protection with the same dual-layer construction as Silver. However, the Gold level uses higher-grade materials for increased shock absorption, with additional features like advanced fin technology for a more secure fit.

Platinum (Elite Level): The pinnacle of OPRO's protection, the Platinum level mouthguard is designed for serious athletes.It features a unique dual-layer system with additional shock absorption zones, providing the highest level of impact protection.


Beyond Protection: Comfort and Fit

As you move up the levels, OPRO mouthguards generally offer improvements in comfort and fit:

  • Bronze and Silver: These levels use a classic fin technology for a decent fit.

  • Gold and Platinum: These levels incorporate advanced fin technology for a more precise and secure fit. Additionally, they use higher-quality comfort gels for a more comfortable experience during wear.

Remember, while a higher level offers more protection, it might also come at a slightly higher cost. Consider your budget alongside your playing intensity to make the best choice.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player stepping onto the pitch, OPRO offers a mouthguard to suit your needs and budget. Consider factors like comfort level, desired level of protection, and budget when making your choice.

Stay Protected, Stay Competitive: Choose OPRO at

By selecting an OPRO mouthguard, you're investing in your safety and performance on the rugby field. With their commitment to innovation and high-quality materials, OPRO mouthguards empower you to hit hard, tackle safely, and leave everything on the pitch.

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Remember, all orders over £100 qualify for free UK delivery at, so don't delay and buy your new mouth guard now. 

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