The lowdown on Opro rugby mouthguards

Dentists estimate that 13 to 39% of all dental injuries in children are sports-related. In the UK, approximately 25% of children will injure or lose a front tooth during physical activity.

Without a mouthguard, you’re 60 times more likely to suffer a dental injury while playing sport.

Mouthguards - or gumshields, there's no right or wrong way of describing them! -  keep those pearly whites safe meaning you leave the pitch, field, or ring with your smile intact.

They also protect the tongue, lips, and cheek lining by covering the sharp edges of your teeth so there are no accidental bites. We’ve all bitten our cheek by accident and that’s not fun. Imagine that but 100 times worse!

Rugby Mouthguards - Rugbystuff

All Opro rugby mouthguards have been designed to provide protection from potential injury to teeth and soft tissue and to remain firmly in place when being worn.

The level of protection and retention increases with each level of mouthguard from Bronze, to Silver then Gold, right up to Platinum at the top end. 

Opro rugby mouthguards - Rugbystuff

Not sure which one is right for you? Check out our guide below...


Every tackle you take, every clinch you break, and every drive in your direction, you want to be focused on the game at hand, and not keeping your teeth in their place.

For serious athletes in a range of disciplines, the Opro Platinum rugby mouthguard allows you to do precisely that. Elite performance requires elite protection.

The dual-layer system protects with additional shock absorption between the upper and lower jaw, leaving you with undistracted, unbroken focus after impact.


With a durable outer layer for optimum impact protection and a flexible inner layer for supreme comfort and fit, the Opro Gold mouthguard is a superior Self-Fit Competition level mouthguard.

It provides protection to your teeth and gums whilst still allowing you to breathe and speak freely.

This is mainly down to the anatomically positioned fins that soften when boiled to mould around your teeth providing that bespoke fit.


The Opro Silver mouthguard is a mid-level mouth guard.

Available in a range of bright and vibrant colours, it is ideal for anyone who participates in any ball, stick or combat sport.

The Silver has a high resistant outer layer to absorb any blows.


Just getting started? The Opro Bronze gum shields are perfect for you.

Pre-game jitters happen, but you’ve got this. And Opro have got your mouth protected.

Engineered by dentists, worn by athletes, and trusted by global associations, it's the ideal protection to help you every step of your sporting journey.

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Remember, all orders over £75 qualify for free UK delivery at, so don't delay and buy your new mouth guard now. 

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