A New Era of Performance: Reviewing the Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite Rugby Boots

Rugby fanatics, it's time to step into the future of performance with the Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite Rugby Boots. I'm Josh Beveridge, a semi-pro rugby player with an eye for all things rugby boots, but mainly backs ones!

Let's not mince words here – we've all known Canterbury boots to be reliable workhorses, but let's be honest, they've carried a reputation of being a tad cumbersome in the past.

Well, those days are over. The Speed Infinite Elite's have torn down that old image and unveiled a reimagined design that's all about shedding weight without sacrificing power.  


The moment you lace up these boots, you'll notice a difference. The ultra-lightweight monomesh upper, paired with the VAPOSKIN membrane and precision stitch reinforcement, creates a sensation of airiness while maintaining that rugged durability we demand.

Canterbury have done their homework – these boots are leaner than their predecessors, providing a competitive advantage in a sport where ounces can make all the difference.

But let's talk about the real game-changer – speed. These boots are engineered for explosive acceleration for players playing across the back line. The snugger fit isn't just about aesthetics it cradles the foot perfectly giving a confident feel.

With a choice of soft ground or firm ground out sole, infused with FLIGHTBEAM technology and Pebax delivers on response and stability. Whether making a cut or powering through a tackle, these boots have your back.

As a scrum-half myself, when it came to the kicking game, each strike of the ball felt it was delivered with the utmost control and force, the thin upper gave overall great contact and feel on the ball.

The knitted collar might require a bit of getting used to. Comfort is paramount, and it took me a few sessions to dial it in just right. Once that sweet spot is found though, the comfort levels are excellent.

Canterbury isn't just pushing boundaries in performance; they're setting a new standard for sustainability. The 97% bio-based outsole, crafted with Pebax® RNEW® material derived from castor beans, showcases their dedication to a greener game – a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the sport's values.

Canterbury Infinite Speed Elite Prism Violet

In closing, the Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite Rugby Boots are a game-changer. I've been Adidas Predator to the core for years, but these boots shatter the old mould, redefine performance, and bring a breath of fresh air in the bright Prism Violet colour way.


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Whether you're a seasoned campaigner or a rising star, these boots deserve a place in your bag.

Prepare to rewrite your own record books, leaving opponents in your dust as you stride into a new era of rugby excellence.

Josh Beveridge
Bio My name is Josh Beveridge, and rugby is in my blood. I’ve been synonymous with Boroughmuir Rugby since I can remember. From growing up in the heart of the club’s community to representing the Boroughmuir Bears as a semi-pro, rugby has been my life. My passion for the game ignited early, nurtured by the rich rugby culture that surrounded me.

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