Rhino Rugby Skills Balls - Explained!

Looking to leave your opponents ball skills in the dust on the rugby pitch?

Look no further than Rhino Rugby Skills Balls!

While the classic Rhino Cyclone training ball (available in size 3, size 4, and size 5) is a workhorse for everyday practice, Rhino offers a whole arsenal of unique training balls designed to target specific skill development. Consider the Cyclone your trusty foundation, and these specialty Rhino training balls the cutting-edge tools to truly elevate your game.

Beyond the Cyclone: Unveiling the Rhino Skills Ball Family

Here's a breakdown of the five specialty Rhino training balls that will transform you into a rugby powerhouse:

  • Master the Slippery Sphere: The Rhino Mistral Grip Developer throws a wet rugby ball scenario your way, literally. This gripless training ball mimics the challenge of handling a slick ball in bad weather or muddy conditions. By honing your grip and control in training with the Mistral, you'll be ready to snag the ball securely no matter what the elements throw your way.

  • Become a Solo Superstar: Ditch the need for a training partner with the innovative Rhino Reflex. This half ball rebounder is your secret weapon for solo practice. Simply throw the ball against a wall and refine your passing and catching techniques at your own pace. Perfect for developing consistency and building confidence in your passes and receptions.

  • Embrace the Chaos: The Rhino Sirocco Unstable Ball is a game-changer. Unlike the predictable flight of a standard ball, the Sirocco features a deliberately weighted panel, creating an erratic flight that mimics the unpredictable nature of a real game. This forces you to sharpen your awareness and reaction time as you adapt to the ball's unexpected movements, making you a more adaptable player on the field.

  • Develop Passing Power: Unleash your inner cannon with the Rhino Storm Pass Developer. This five-ply laminated ball packs a special weighted punch. The additional weight is just like weight training for your pass allowing you to develop powerful and accurate passes that leave defenders scrambling. Imagine how effortless a standard ball will feel after training with a ball over it double it's weight – that's the power the Storm Pass Developer can help you achieve.

  • Lightweight Wizardry: Experience the Rhino Breeze Light Ball. Don't be fooled by its weight (a mere 325 grams!), this ultra-lightweight ball challenges your handling skills in a whole new way. By adapting to the lighter feel, you'll develop a more delicate touch and enhance your control over the ball. Imagine being able to maneuver the ball with pinpoint precision – the Breeze Light Ball will take your handling to the next level.

Rhino Skills Balls

Bonus! Nurturing the Next Generation: The Rhino Sponge Ball is perfect for youngsters just starting their rugby journey. Made with a soft foam inner and vinyl outer, it's safe and gentle for little hands. Plus, its lightweight design makes it perfect for indoor fun, introducing the sport at home or the office!

Level Up Your Game with Rhino Rugby Training Balls!

With a variety of training balls targeting specific skills, Rhino equips you with the tools to become a well-rounded rugby player, ready to dominate any challenge on the pitch. So, choose your weapon from the Rhino arsenal and transform your game today!

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